12 Days of MFM Custom Stories

MFM Christmas

It really is all about the STORY over here at Mary Frances Maker, which is why to help us get in the holiday spirit this year, we are sharing 12 Days of Stories.

Over the next twelve days, we will be highlighting some of our favorite custom pieces from this year and sharing all of the wonderful sentiments thaeach piece of jewelry holds. Be on the lookout for these stories here, and on our Instagram as we work our way backwards (because #1 was honestly just too good to be the first)! 

We hope that as you're settling into this season and beginning to slow down (fingers crossed) that you will join us in celebrating the beautiful MFM 2022 custom pieces and the stories behind them.





This special charm was made for one of my Concierge Clients! We created a chain for my client's wife for Valentines day with the intention of adding charms to it throughout the year. So for Mother's Day, we got to create this beautiful 12 Sapphire Disc to add to his wife's charm necklace.




The original setting belonged to my client’s grandmother and had the emerald in prongs with a diamond in the bail. To update the piece to be more of her style, my client wanted to keep the two stones together but in a more modern bezel setting with the offset diamond along the chain. The result was this stunning emerald necklace that fits her style, and celebrates the sentiment of the stones!




This piece was super special, and not just because these stones were unreal! We created this engagement ring using the family aquamarine and one of the side diamonds for my friend, Allie, who actually worked with us at MFM while we were located in Charleston! How fun is that?




Stacking an arched wedding band to fit snuggly around this stunning, one of a kind engagement ring may have brought me back to high school math, but it turned out beautifully. I had the privilege of using her family diamonds to create a band that to fit around her engagement ring and attributed to the vintage aesthetic she was going for with white and rose gold.





With the impending arrival of my client's first baby, her husband and parents conspired to give her the sapphire pendant that her dad gave her mom when she was born with the intention of resetting it into a piece that she could wear when their son arrived.





Using the six family diamonds and sourcing the center morganite, we were able to create this stunning ring for our client to celebrate her new baby.

I love using old stones to help celebrate new milestones. To make it even more sentimental, we included an engraving on the interior of the ring.




These ruby earrings are part of several pieces I created for my client using an old family ruby ring & wedding ring with lots of tiny diamonds.

I love how we got to reimagine these stones from two different family heirlooms to create a classic pair of earrings.



Using the stones from a family sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet, we were able to create eleven unique pieces that matched each of our clients' family member's styles.





The couple who I made these wedding bands for both have two blue dot tattoos on their arms.

So, in celebration of their lifelong commitment to each other, they wanted rings to reflect the significance of their tattoos.





"The center, larger stone was an orphan earring from my maternal grandmother, and the outer ring of stones were from a ring worn by my paternal grandmother. The setting is made from the original ring setting as well. I wanted to have this ring made with my grandmothers' diamonds for not only me but also for generations to come!"

-MFM Client 




A dear bride reached out wanting a pair of hummingbird cufflinks for her groom on their wedding day.The twist? The cufflinks needed to be hollow so she could add the ashes of the groom’s deceased mother. WOW, talk about pulling at the heartstrings! I love how these turned out and the special meaning behind them.



Last, but certainly not least is this stunning solitaire engagement ring.This was my first ever engagement ring AND it was for one of my first ever college best friends!

I had the honor of standing by her side this past October as she married the best guy. Plus, she wore an MFM birch hair comb too! What a most special piece!



Thank you all for following along the past 12 days as we have celebrated the beautiful MFM 2022 custom pieces and the stories behind them. We hope that you've enjoyed these sentimental stories and that you make new memories worth celebrating and commemorating this holiday season! 
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