2020 Holiday Gift Guides

One of my favorite parts about designing jewelry is finding *just* the right piece for the wearer.  When I get an email in my inbox asking for gift suggestions for someone, my heart does a little flutter. I think gift giving might be one of my love languages. Nothing brings me more joy than giving something to someone that I know they'll really love and cherish (instead of just another thing-a-mabob)!

So, without further ado, I give you - our 2020 Holiday Gift Guides, broken down by recipient if you prefer to go that route, or by price.


The Seasoned Mom:
Family Birthstone Necklace, 6 stones // Birch Mama Jama Studs, Silver // Web Cuff, Brass // Ginkgo Dangles, Silver // Cluster Trio Studs // Morse Code 8mm Ring, Gold or Bangle, Silver (both styles can fit multiple children's initials) // Honeycomb Signet Ring, Gold

 The New Mom:
Time Necklace with a Birthstone // Cluster Trio Studs (get the child's birthstones) // Open Ring with Birthstones (get two of the new child's birthstone or the mom's and the child's!) // Diamond + Birthstone Eternity Ring // Morse Code 3mm Ring, Gold or Cross Necklace, Gold (get the child's new initials encoded) // Constellation Necklace, Gold or Signet Ring (get the child's constellation)


Your Sister / Sister-in-law:


Your BFF:


Your Daughter/Daughter-in-law:


Your Significant Other:
Lion Hoops, Gold // Pressed Leaf Necklace, Silver // Birch Wide Ring, Gold // Rosemary Necklace, Gold // Birch Chunky Hoops, Gold // Family Birthstone Necklace (even if you don't have kids, you can always get all diamonds in the quantity you think she would like (maybe 3 stones to represent each of you + the love you share, or 4 stones to represent her family of 4, or 5 diamonds because it's pretty and symmetrical)


Treat Yourself:


Under $100


Under $200
Birch Skinny Cuff, Brass // Honeycomb Cuff, Brass // Birch Mega Studs, Brass // Honeycomb Signet Ring, Silver // Rosemary Studs, Brass // Porcupine Hoops, Brass // Birch Hoops, Brass // Honeycomb Earrings, Brass


Under $400


Under $800
Turtle Necklace, Silver // Birch Chunky Hoops, Gold // Constellation Necklace, Gold // Constellation Signet Ring, Gold // Ridge Ring, Gold // Birch Drip Necklace, Gold // Birch Dangle Earrings, Gold // Lion Hoops, Silver


Family Birthstone Necklace, 5 Diamonds // Morse Code 12mm Ring, Gold // Diamond + Birthstone Eternity Ring // Pressed Leaf Necklace, Gold // Morse Code Cross Necklace with Diamonds, Gold // Birch Wide Ring, Gold 

Friendly reminder to check out our HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES to ensure you get that *perfect* piece just in time for the holidays!

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