Behind the Mary Frances Maker Anniversary Collection 

I've got a big surprise coming this weekend to celebrate our company's sixth year and thought it would be a great time to revisit our beloved Anniversary Collection. MFM (Mary Frances Maker) started with an emphasis on celebrating people's stories and integrating nature into beautiful pieces of art using gold, silver, and brass. I've made jewelry, wedding belts, custom pieces, and everything in between. It has been a labor of love, and the Anniversary Collection's launch was especially a whirlwind. 
 Mary Frances Maker Jewelry - Gold necklaces displayed in dish
You and each MFM customer have a unique impact on the company, inspire our work, and without your support, we wouldn't have been able to grow. The Anniversary Collection is a celebration of everyone who has been on this journey with us and a big welcome to all those just entering the world of Mary Frances Maker. We think of it as a personal gift collection that pulls together some of our most beloved styles in celebration of how far we have come! 
Four different themes are running through the Anniversary Collection: the Pressed Leaf motif, the Lion Constellation design, the Time pattern, and Birch Bark pieces.
The Pressed Leaf Necklace, in both gold and silver, has a special place in my heart. I wanted to make something like this for a while but struggled to work out the logistics. Finally, I just decided to go for it. I melted paraffin wax I don't know how many times. I tried dripping the melted wax directly onto a leaf, pressing the leaf into the wax, placing the leaf and melting wax between books - you name it, I tried it. After I lost count of the number of attempts, something worked, but then you never really know how things are going to turn out once they're in the metal stage. Details get lost. Wax breaks in shipping. Lots of things can happen. Long story short, I did not hold my breath. 
 Mary Frances Maker Jewelry - Pressed Leaf Necklace
 I sent the wax off for casting with the other pieces of the Anniversary Collection. I was fully expecting this piece not to pan out, and even if it did work, I had no expectations of it selling. Really, I was making it for myself. Well, lo and behold, it cast! And the details showed through! And y'all liked it! It's become one of my favorite pieces, and it delights me so many people are fans of the Pressed Leaf Necklace. 
The Lion Constellation design was created as an ode to one of the first jewelry pieces that I ever made and really loved. You can find the Lion Constellation on Hoop Earrings, in gold and silver; on the Lion Constellation Necklace, in gold and silver, and on the Lion Constellation Signet Ring, in gold and silver.
The diamonds on these pieces replicate Leo, the lion's constellation, and it has a twofold meaning. One, this necklace holds personal meaning to me representing how much I cannot control in this life or this business. And two, it's a talisman of sorts, a reminder that I am as strong and fierce as a lion, and that I can take on anything - and you can, too.
Through my years in business, one quote has always held space in the back of my mind, "Trust the timing of your life." This steady reminder inspired the Time Necklace, in gold and silver, and the Time Studs, in gold and silver.
The notches on the outer circumference of the piece represent the hours of a clock. The clock-like design functions both as an ever-present reminder to always trust your life's timing and live in the moment. Time is fleeting; don't waste it!
If it isn't apparent already, I'm slightly obsessed with cast birch bark! And for the Anniversary Collection, one of my biggest focuses was incorporating it into everyday wear. The Birch Drip Necklace, in gold and silver and the Birch XS Ring, in gold and silver, are pieces you can wear for any occasion.  
One of my favorite pop-on, everyday pieces is the Ear Cuff. Over the past six years, I've received more requests than I can count for an ear cuff! The best part of the Ear Cuff is the ability for play and versatility. As it doesn't require a piercing, you can place it anywhere along your lobe. I like to wear mine at about the midway point of my ear with the Lion Constellation Hoops in my first piercing and the Time Studs in my second. 
As we enter into our sixth year of Mary Frances Maker, I want to thank you for seeing the beauty and loving the things that take time. Thank you for your patience as I offer these pieces on a made-to-order basis since it's not always feasible to continually keep them in stock. Thank you for your willingness to grow with me as I learn the ins and outs of this business, and then learn them again as they change tomorrow. It's a joy and a pleasure to make stuff y'all love! Let us know in the comments how you feel about the Anniversary Collection. 
For moments worth celebrating, big and small.

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