How I Created the Monstera Earrings

When I started making the Monstera Earrings, I was inspired by their gorgeous, full shape. Growing up in a house full of plants had a significant influence on my love of nature and recreating the stunning, natural shapes synonymous with the Mary Frances Maker brand. The Monstera Earrings felt very nostalgic and soothing, while at the same time capable of making a real statement on point with current trends. 
While designing them, I had the concept in mind that something wild, unique, and beautiful can be found quite literally in the room next to you, if you open your mind to it. That idea of freedom - of bringing the outdoors with you plus the gorgeous shape of the Monstera leaves make the delicate and lightweight Monstera Earrings a piece of jewelry not to be missed. I created the Monstera Earrings in both silver and brass for easy wearing with any outfit.
A significant source of inspiration for the Monstera Earrings is the idea that natural but unique details can be found in our everyday earthly surroundings.
Mary Frances Maker Jewelry - Mary Frances Maker wearing the Monstera Earrings in Brass

As a large, tropical plant, the Monstera is regularly found in homes and is a great "house plant" for even the most novice plant owner. The Monstera plant is also known as the Swiss Cheese plant because of the intricate pattern of holes covering the plant.

 It thrives in warm climates and can be found in people's homes because it is a beautiful, yet sturdy plant that holds up to a lot of wear and tear. The large, lush green leaves can fan out up to 10 feet high and 3 feet wide. However, it usually comes in at a smaller height of 3/4 feet as an indoor plant.
Mary Frances Maker Jewelry - Monstera Earrings in Silver

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