Meet the new Mary Frances Maker

Beloved friends, family, and supporters,

First of all, thank you! Thank you for all of your support over the past 5+ years of Mary Frances Flowers. I am beyond thrilled to introduce to you and walk hand in hand with you into a new chapter of business. 

Meet the new Mary Frances Maker! Absolutely nothing will change as far as the quality and attention to detail within our jewelry pieces and custom work. But, we have a new look! New beautiful packaging, new colors, and, of course, a new name.

A year and a half ago, I married my college sweetheart and gained a new last name. I'll admit, for the very longest time, before marriage was even in the picture, I envisioned my company name as Mary Frances Flowers forever and ever, no matter what. I wouldn't change it for marriage or any other life event that may occur. I would be Mary Frances (blank) personally, and Mary Frances Flowers professionally. (Again, this was before Hobbs ever came into the picture)

However, since 2018, I've felt a shift in the way this business has grown. Certain aspects that didn't even exist before 2018 (like bridal belts!) or were rarely done (hello, custom projects!) are now massive components in my everyday operations. Custom work makes up for 30% of my business, and bridal for 10%. And while these exciting pieces have grown the business, I've also noticed a shift in you, my dear customers. My designs are more refined, elevated, mature, and so are you. And with this new direction, a visual change felt necessary. Once the visuals were discussed, the name simply fell into place as well - its rightful place.

I've been thinking very long and hard about this, and it's not a decision I've come to quickly or lightly. But, in my heart of hearts, I know changing the name to Mary Frances Maker is the right decision. From a strictly practical perspective, it sure will settle confusion over whether I'm a florist or not! (spoiler: I'm not. Never allow me to arrange flowers for you; it is not my strong suit) And from a personal perspective, I look forward to growing deeper into the name I was so thrilled to take just a short while ago. And hey, it's pretty fitting, don't ya think?

To many, many years together celebrating all the things, big and small,
Mary Frances

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