Momma Muse: Eleanor Brocato

What’s a “Momma Muse”?
My Momma Muses are the women I most admire who are also, as it happens, mommas themselves. These are an inspiring collection of women I’ve met through my personal and professional life who seem to have the whole balance figured out (though I’m sure they’ll argue that point). It’s my hope that by sharing their stories, what inspires them, what moves them, their tricks for getting through the day running two businesses (their own defined by the government + a household) that you yourself will find a renewed strength in yourself and your abilities. You’re capable and strong, and having a community around to remind you of that is the whole point of thing thing, right? Okay now, let’s get to it.


Name: Eleanor Brocato (aka my big sister!)

Business: Kindred Interiors

Role: Owner/Designer

# of Children: 3

What does your typical day look like? 
Oh man, every day is different when you have 3 littles!! Get woken up, coffee, put newborn down for a nap, feed myself and the toddlers, get everyone dressed and lunches made, get to school or morning play date or errands, lunch, quiet/nap time for the toddlers, snuggle my newborn, try to catch up on emails, bake some scones or do dishes or maybe take a shower, play time till dad gets home, outside time, dinner prep, more play time, bath and bed time and then crash on the sofa with the baby and hubby and catch my breath watching Downton Abbey with a chocolate chip scone and glass of sangria 😂😂

What’s your favorite part of your day? 
Every evening at dinner, my 4 year old asks everyone what their favorite part of the day was. That’s is probably my favorite part of the day 😍

What’s the one thing you hope your children have learned from you that they will share with future generations? 
How to be kind and love well.

Any tricks for keeping the balance between work and family? 
Know your limitations and when to say no. Have designated family time and work time.

What's the best life advice or lesson you remember receiving from your own mom?

How to be resourceful with what you have — my mom is one of the most resourceful people I know. She epitomizes the line from Little Women, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

What’s your most treasured accessory?
My grandmother’s diamond ring and my own engagement ring

What accessory makes you feel most like a woman? 

Favorite Mary Frances Flowers piece?
That is a hard one because all of my MFF pieces are favorites!! I have several custom morse code pieces, though, that are really special. I have a necklace with my oldest daughter’s name on it that was given at her baby dedication. It is technically her necklace, but until she is bigger I wear it almost every day!

Anything else you’d like to share? What’s on the horizon for your business? 
I will be accepting new client projects for the fall starting this summer and am excited to already be filling up slots!

Thanks, Eleanor!

Interested in working with Eleanor or gathering inspiration from her gorgeous aesthetic? Get in touch here or follow her on Instagram!
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