Momma Muse: Hannah Betzel

What’s a “Momma Muse”?
My Momma Muses are the women I most admire who are also, as it happens, mommas themselves. These are an inspiring collection of women I’ve met through my personal and professional life who seem to have the whole balance figured out (though I’m sure they’ll argue that point). It’s my hope that by sharing their stories, what inspires them, what moves them, their tricks for getting through the day running two businesses (their own defined by the government + a household) that you yourself will find a renewed strength in yourself and your abilities. You’re capable and strong, and having a community around to remind you of that is the whole point of thing thing, right? Okay now, let’s get to it.

M E E T   H A N N A H

hannah betzel fine art headshot

Name: Hannah

Business: Hannah Betzel Fine Art

Role: Artist

# of Children: 2 

What does your typical day look like? 
First thing, I make a smoothie and do my morning pages (currently going through the book The Artist's Way), get the kids off to school, then get some yoga in. Once I'm back home, depending on the day, I either head to my studio to paint, practice a new skill, or do admin work until lunch. After lunch, I head back to the studio for a couple of hours to paint or continue my studies until the kids come home. Once they're home, I'm full on Mama! We've got homework and baseball and dinner and baths. My days are very full right now!
What’s your favorite part of your day? 

Currently, doing my Morning Pages and seeing my boys come home from school.

Hannah Betzel Fine Art on Canvas  Hannah Betzel Fine Art Print

What’s the one thing you hope your children have learned from you that they will share with future generations? 

To go after their dreams, even if the odds are stacked against them!

Any tricks for keeping the balance between work and family? 

To be ok with imbalance. No one can do it all. Remembering to focus on being where my feet are (aka being present) helps me to feel less stretched in a million directions. Also, grocery shopping online is a sanity saver. ;)

What's the best life advice or lesson you remember receiving from your own mom?
She said always be nice to the new kid, to the kid who acts out in class, to the kid who doesn't fit in, and to the kid who has challenges we've never had to face. We never know what people are going through. This is still applicable for adults.
Hannah Betzel as a child
[I love this picture Hannah posted on her Instagram where she says " 8 year old me sewing. We moved into a new house this same day (note all the boxes and mattress leaning against the wall). I found my box of craft supplies and that was all I needed! Forget setting up my bedroom - when inspiration struck, I listened! Looking back, I had the most understanding parents in the world. That must’ve been frustrating trying to unpack a entire house while the youngest was making messes. 🤗 Then again, maybe it kept me busy and out from under their feet. 😂 I have to believe my mom knew this was my life’s calling even then though, seeing as how she chose to document this moment instead of telling me to stop and help unpack."]
What’s your most treasured accessory?

The haircomb from my wedding day. I made it and my mom sewed it onto the comb the morning of my wedding.

What accessory makes you feel most like a woman? 


Favorite Mary Frances Flowers piece?
I lovvve my silver ginkgo earrings!! They're so interesting but they go with everything.
[To shop more botanically-inspired pieces, click HERE.]
Anything else you’d like to share? What’s on the horizon for your business? 
I'm headed to West Elm at Ponce City Market Atlanta for a pop-up May 25th! I'm also working on lots of new projects and products to introduce on my website over the summer.

Thank you, Hannah, and good luck in Atlanta!

I have one of Hannah's small 4x6 works and absolutely love it! It's blue-toned with stunning silver leaf brushstroked right into it - the absolute perfect pop on our mantel. But I've had my eyes on a bigger piece, and I can't wait to become an official collector! Shop Hannah's beautiful work HERE, and follow along with her daily life + pop up schedule HERE.
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