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What’s a “Momma Muse”?

My Momma Muses are the women I most admire who are also, as it happens, mommas themselves. These are an inspiring collection of women I’ve met through my personal and professional life who seem to have the whole balance figured out (though I’m sure they’ll argue that point). It’s my hope that by sharing their stories, what inspires them, what moves them, their tricks for getting through the day running two businesses (their own defined by the government + a household) that you yourself will find a renewed strength in yourself and your abilities. You’re capable and strong, and having a community around to remind you of that is the whole point of thing thing, right? Okay now, let’s get to it.

We have a super special edition of Momma Muse this time for yall because we're featuring.... my own momma!! Yep, on one of our 4 daily chats, I finally remembered to grill her on some burning questions, and I'm so excited to share her responses with you. Not only is my momma a 3x mom to three girls, but she's now also a 5x grandmother - so, basically, she's got a lot of years of momma-wisdom under her belt. Let's have a listen, shall we?

M E E T   L O R E T T A

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Name: Loretta Flowers

# of children: 3 beautiful daughters

# of grandchildren: 5 (3 girls, 2 boys - all 4 years and under)

What's one thing you hope your children have learned from you that they will share with future generations?

Family has been my top priority in my life.  It is important for children to know they can depend on you to pick them up from school on time, help during hard times at school and be there to listen during difficult relationships. 

What's the best life advice or lesson you remember receiving from you own mom?

Pray for your family.

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Favorite memory of your momma?

My mother could sew anything. She would make a skirt and then croquet a vest  all in the same day for my sisters to wear that night.  She could make old furniture look new. As a grandmother I especially remember her cooking and reading with my girls. 

If you could give one piece of advice to your children on being a mother, what would it be?

Children are more secure when they know what to expect.  I found that schedules were a very big part in this. (for my sanity and the children)

How has becoming a grandmother changed your perspective on being a mother (or has it)?

I feel like I have done all I can do for my girls and watching them with their children has been a humbling experience. To think that these precious bundles are a part of me, my daughter and her husband is very special. As a grandmother I can now enjoy spoiling my grandchildren and pray that they will remember me as a loving grandmother one day. 

What is your most treasured accessory?

I would have to say that my slim wedding band is my most treasured ring. It has been on my finger since our wedding almost 38 (June 27, 1981) years ago. 

Favorite MFF piece:

I cherish the special earrings and cuff that Mary Frances made me for her wedding so I keep those for special occasions. I do wear the birch bark cuff most everyday with a bangle from my husbands mother and a tennis bracelet from my husband. 

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Thank you, momma! 

Just a friendly reminder: today (May 8th) is the last day to place orders for Mother's Day delivery!

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