Momma Muse: Mollie Creason

What’s a “Momma Muse”?
My Momma Muses are the women I most admire who are also, as it happens, mommas themselves. These are an inspiring collection of women I’ve met through my personal and professional life who seem to have the whole balance figured out (though I’m sure they’ll argue that point). It’s my hope that by sharing their stories, what inspires them, what moves them, their tricks for getting through the day running two businesses (their own defined by the government + a household) that you yourself will find a renewed strength in yourself and your abilities. You’re capable and strong, and having a community around to remind you of that is the whole point of thing thing, right? Okay now, let’s get to it.


momma muse mollie creason

Name: Mollie Creason

Business: Well + Wonder Artist Collective

Role: Founder + Chief Curator

# of Children: 2 (William, 6 and Francie, 4)

What does your typical day look like? 
I am up early, make lots of coffee, and get 2 children out the door and carpooled to school. Then it's off to pilates or back to the office. I work when my children are at school so it's lot of calls, meetings, planning and working until afternoon carpool. One of my favorite parts of running my own business is that I can sneak off to read to my son's Kindergarten class or meet another creative friend for a leisurely lunch, I love that I can set my own schedule! The afternoons are nuts and involve ballet, golf lessons, tee ball games, and shuffling children to various activities!
What’s your favorite part of your day? 
The afternoons with my children (especially this time of year when we can be outside! There is nothing better than springtime in Kentucky!)

What’s the one thing you hope your children have learned from you that they will share with future generations? 

What a great question! I hope I have instilled in them that there are a lot of different paths to success and that they can chose their own path.

Any tricks for keeping the balance between work and family? 

I must sound like a broken record, but this is a work in progress for sure. It's hard when your business is operated out of your home! But I try and keep it separate, when I am with mu children the phone and computer are away.

What's the best life advice or lesson you remember receiving from your own mom?

My mom empowered me to always trust my gut and instilled in me that I have a strong intuition. I am so grateful for my own wise and strong Momma!

What’s your most treasured accessory?

My charm bracelet - it has my maternal grandmother and mother's charms, as well as the charms my paternal grandmother collected for me growing up. I also added a few of my husband's late grandmother's pieces that were gifted to me when she passed. I'm definitely going back in for this piece if the house catches fire!

What accessory makes you feel most like a woman? 

My engagement ring and wedding band!

Favorite Mary Frances Flowers piece?
The scallop cuff, I just love how feminine and delicate this piece is and it looks so great stacked with other bracelets!
Anything else you’d like to share? What’s on the horizon for your business? 
I am most excited about our next group show on Well + Wonder - FLORAL will be debuting online in our collection on 4/24!


Thanks, Mollie!
Shop Mollie's incredible group of artists here.
All images courtesy of Kelli Boyd Photography.
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