Ornament Pre-Order Details 2021

brass holiday ornaments

It's Ornament Season - hooray! To better serve you (and make our holiday season a bit more manageable), we're making two big changes this year to ornament orders:

1. We're now offering fully custom ornaments!
Have a pet, hobby, place, or child's silhouette that means to world to you? Let's make it into an ornament! Find Custom Ornaments Here.

2. Ornament Engravings will be available during the preorder window only.
We absolutely love customizing your ornaments with a special date, year, moniker, or address; however, we can only offer these personalizations until September 27th. Early bird gets the worm, eh? :) (Thank you for your understanding of this decision. By offering engravings only during the preorder window, you are allowing us to spend our time on actually getting your orders out the door in a timely manner while also allowing us to offer you these engravings at the very affordable rate in which they’re available.) After the preorder window ends, ornaments will arrive plain, without any engraving.


Happy Shopping!

brass ornaments

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