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Happy Wednesday! It's that time again - time to meet some amazing small businesses, and this week we're focusing on my favorite category to splurge on, CLOTHING! These incredible fashion designers have something for everyone (+ yourself)!

abbey glass studio shop small

Business Name: Abbey Glass Studio

Owner: Abbey Glass

Location: Atlanta, GA


Instagram Handle: @abbeyglassstudio

What They Have to Say: "Abbey's love for 1960's era icons and design in addition to her eye for clean lines and flattering feminine proportions defines her unique style. Based in the heart of the South, Abbey takes inspiration from romanic Southern style and infuses it with a modern, sophisticated edge.The Abbey Glass style is aspirational, but approachable. The clothes are designed for the confident and strong woman that embraces femininity and a modern point of view.

The Atlanta native designer began her formal fashion education at Central Saint Martin’s at 18. Abbey moved back to the US to attend Rhode Island School of Design after her foundations year in London. Before graduating from RISD with a degree in Apparel Design, Abbey had the opportunity to work under Marc Jacobs and Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein Collection. She was a finalist in the Supima Design Competition runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in September 2012, which kickstarted her career. 

Abbey and her team now work out of an Atlanta-based studio complete with a full service atelier and boutique-style showroom. Shop the Abbey Glass boutique at THE SHOPS in Buckhead Atlanta or in 70 other specialty retailers across the country!"

My Personal Favorites: Bailey Jacket - Black; Beverly Skirt - Grey Wonderland; Diane Dress - Blue Ripple Soft Satin


emily phillips shop small 2019

Business Name: Emily Phillips Clothing

Owner: Emily Phillips

Location: Nashville, TN


Instagram Handle: @emilyphillipsclothing

What They Have to Say: "When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a fashion designer.  I entered every design contest that YM and Seventeen Magazine offered.  As I got older I immersed myself in every facet of the fashion industry.  From shirt folder to more shirt folding to fashion magazine (Seventeen Magazine, ironically) to buyer to designer.  I love this industry and truly believe that it is young brands like mine that dictate what true fashion, quality and beauty are, and what they will become.  We still love what we do, we are doing it ourselves, and we are making it with our hands.  We haven't run out of ideas yet or hired in-house designers.  We aren't following trends... we are creating them.  

I am a single mother of 2 pretty hilarious children, a pretty bad cook, a lover of wine, food and laughing; very committed to laughing at myself and not taking myself too seriously.  

Having children (and being a human) makes me want to run a business that my children are proud of and that leaves a positive mark on this earth.  I am committed to making my clothes ethically; I am committed to using fabrics and fibers that are sustainable, natural and look for any chance to find resources that are positively impacting the environment; I am committed to women owned businesses; and I am committed to community and collaboration!  Please check out the charities we support; please go support other women owned businesses!"

My Personal Favorites: Girlfriend Maxi Cheetah Linen; Girlfriend Shirt Vanilla Linen


rep active art shop small 2019

Business Name: REP Active Art

Owner: Dr. Ruth Penson Polson, aka "RP"

Location: Birmingham, AL


Instagram Handle: @repactiveart

What They Have to Say: "Dr. Ruth Penson Polson, aka “RP” is one of Birmingham, Alabama’s most multi-talented renaissance women of the 21st century. RP is an inspirational & passionate artist, designer, dentist, Mom and wife. She considers her greatest calling to empower her six-year old daughter her to become a strong woman like the one RP hopes to be through her medical practice, her artwork and her athleisure brand REP Active Art.

RP discovered her artistic talent early on, but it wasn’t until after a near death car crash in 2008, when she broke her back and was forced to take temporary leave from her medical practice, that she began to explore art more fervently. RP believes her active lifestyle before the accident is what helped her body heal faster and prevented her from sustaining more serious injuries. Art helped her mend physically and emotionally. Her spare time hobby soon bloomed into full-time, and her artworks sold in high-end home & interior boutiques across Birmingham, AL. She was further restored when she discovered a way to combine a several of her various passions into one company.

In November of 2016, RP transformed her artwork into activewear leggings and created REP Active Art. RP got to set her art in motion. Each vibrant and lively print, named after inspirational women in RP’s life, originated as a piece of art on canvas or paper. REP Active Art has pricked the pulse of cardio-loving women who are committed to stay moving while wearing fashionable and functional gear. Each pair is supportive, lint-free and is constructed with a high waist to combat muffin-topping. Sold as leggings and capris, each pair makes a stand alone style statement and can easily transition from the gym to lunch or dinner with a few accessory edits.

Today, RP is focused on growing REP Active Art by supporting women to find their voice, their inner strength and be confidently expressive. Her strongest passions are fitness and empowering women. She puts that same energy into raising her daughter Emma, who is the ‘E’ in REP. She supports numerous local charities which serve pets, women, and children!"

My Personal Favorites: Check out all of their wide waistband, full length leggings!


larkin lane shop small 2019

Business Name: Larkin Lane

Owner: Lark Champion


Instagram Handle: @larkinlanedesigns

What They Have to Say: "Lark Champion, founder of Larkin Lane, partners with indigenous artisans from villages around the world. Marrying centuries-old craftsmanship with a chic modern aesthetic, we bring you fine handmade treasures from around the globe that will beautifully complement your style. 

At Larkin Lane, you will find sophisticated products made of authentic textiles from a variety of cultures. We do not simply mass produce printed fabrics copied from traditional design. Instead, each of our original pieces is constructed of ancient weaving and embroidery techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

We respectfully collaborate with artists who are masters of their crafts, making only slight alterations in color, shape or finishing touches to better suit modern life. We endeavor to help sustain these beautiful traditions, opening new markets for these talented artisans and their extraordinary work."

My Personal Favorites: Silk Ikat Party Purse; Otami Table Runner - Royal Blue; Felted Wool Jacket - Blush Pink


state the label shop small 2019

Business Name: STATE the Label

Owner: Adrienne Antonson

Location: Athens, GA


Instagram Handle: @statethelabel

What They Have to Say: "STATE the Label was founded in 2010 by designer Adrienne Antonson while she was living and working on an alpaca farm on an island off the coast of Seattle. The garments and aesthetic have a direct connection to it’s origins - the celebration of natural materials and their ability to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional. After a chapter in Brooklyn, NY, STATE is now headquartered in Athens, Georgia where the label has a studio, office, and a brick and mortar lifestyle shop featuring collections and products from brands that support the STATE aesthetic and ethos.

All STATE garments are proudly sewn in the US – many in the studio – and all use responsibly sourced, organic, and recycled materials when possible. STATE is known for its hand painted textiles that bring an element of art to each piece. The STATE aesthetic strikes an exciting balance between creativity and practicality, with the aim of making people feel inspired while comfortable."

My Personal Favorites: Drift Dress; Lil' Perfect Pants for kids 


buru shop small 2019

Business Name: BURU

Owner: Morgan Hutchinson

Location: Originally from Murray, KY; now in Los Angeles, CA


Instagram Handle: @shopburu

What They Have to Say: "Born out of necessity, founder Morgan Hutchinson created BURU—a clothing brand curated, designed and styled for the modern mother.

With an understanding that versatility and washability are paramount, Morgan's mission is to help every mama look and feel her best. The garments she stocks—from the BURU White Label to designer brands, are hand-picked for their ability to withstand the demands of motherhood, without sacrificing style.

Morgan brings her talents as a former stylist by fashioning three looks for every item of clothing. From carpool to cocktails—boardroom to bake sale, BURU has you covered."

My Personal Favorites: Swing Coat in Lavender Woven Cotton; Long Sleeve Placket Front Shirtdress


So, who's your favorite? Don't answer that! I know they all are ;) But really, I'd love to know if you've made a purchase from any of these small businesses this year in our Shop Small Holiday 2019 Campaign - tag me on Instagram @maryfrancesflowers and share your goodies with #MFMshopsmallchallenge

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