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Happy Wednesday! I'm so thrilled to introduce you to a new crop of awesome businesses this week in our Shop Small this Holiday 2019 blog series. Now, it may seem that this group is a bit disconnected from one another, but let me just say - each and every one of these business will BRIGHTEN up your HOME - which is why I've labelled this category "home"! From flowers to lighting to rugs and more, you'll find all your favorite new stuff within the links of these businesses. And I don't know about you, but I'm much happier when my house is in order and the "stuff" I keep it in makes me smile and remind me of good people and good times. So buckle up and let's get started!

fall line flowers

Business Name: Fall Line Flowers

Owner: Mack Jenkins & George Schley

Location: Pine Mountain, GA

Website: Fall Line Flowers Facebook Page // Pick up fresh bouquets from these local shops: Albright's Florist or David Benefield Highland Hall in Columbus, GA; House of Flowers in Valley, AL; Virginia's in Opelika, AL; The Flower Store or Auburn Flowers & Gifts in Auburn, AL; Murphey Florist in Newnan, GA; Cut Flower Wholesale or Reeves Wholesale in Atlanta, GA

Instagram Handle: @falllineflowers

Offerings: stunning Zinnias!

What They Have to Say: "Founded in 2019, Fall Line Flowers is taking a history of growing immaculate cut flowers in the family garden to a larger commercial operation.  In our first year we will be offering Zinnias, specifically the Benary Giant variety, in order to establish a foundation and further develop a business plan for the future.  Look for us on Instagram for updates."


gnarly grain woodworks

Business Name: Gnarly Grain Woodwork

Owner: Patrick Culpepper

Location: Asheville, NC

Instagram Handle: @gnarlygrain_woodwork 

Offerings: incredible custom-made wood furniture, cutting boards, bowls, and more!

My Personal Favorites: Patrick recently completed a jeweler's bench, and now I'm itching to have him create a custom one for me! Contact him via Instagram to get started on a custom piece for yourself.


shop small holiday 2019 kaas glassworks nyc

Business Name: Kaas Glassworks

Owner: Carol Kaas

Location: New York City 


Instagram Handle: @kaasglassworks

Offerings: beautiful, customizable glass trays, coasters, and paper weights

What They Have to Say: "At our small shop in the West Village, we combine the traditional art of decoupage with our love of antique and historical prints.

Our work involves the art of decoupage under glass. Each piece is put together by hand using reprinted images that we have collected from frequent trips to flea markets, antique shows and estate sales.

The final result is a sentimental collection of trays, plates, coasters and paperweights. Both decorative and functional, each piece may be used on a table or dresser, or displayed on the wall with the use of a simple plate hanger."

My Personal Favorites: I'm hoping to have a piece of our wedding invitation suite that my mother-in-law painted made into a custom keepsake tray; literally could not think of a more perfect and personalized gift!


shop small holiday 2019 kingfisher woodworks

Business Name: Kingfisher Woodworks

Owner: George Schley

Location: Columbus, GA


Instagram Handle: @kingfisher.woodworks

Offerings: custom work; wood tables, coasters, cheese boards, and really cool epoxy-infused and fractal burned pieces

What They Have to Say: "George grew up on his dads cattle farm in Harris County, GA, where he and his grandfather have a small wood shop.  Often, he would watch them craft wood, found on the farm, into functional works of art used by the family and their friends. After college, he moved to Jackson Hole, WY to pursue his love of the outdoors. After five years of adventure, he moved home to resurrect his grandfather's old wood shop and to turn the farm back into a the fully operational farm that it once had been.  

Kingfisher Industries is run completely off wood gathered from the farm, with a bit of sustainably grown and harvested wood sent down from Maine. Kingfisher Woodworks strives to provide products with unique and innovative designs, while using sustainably harvested timber and environmentally responsible products."

My Personal Favorites: I absolutely love the epoxy-infused cheese boards! I'm hoping to get one at the Columbus Maker's Market this year (on Dec 7 in Mill District Studios) because last year he sold out completely within the first few hours!


shop small holiday 2019 sally denham glass

Business Name: Sally Denham Glass 

Owner: Sally Denham

Location: Atlanta, GA


Instagram Handle:

Offerings: vases, pitchers, olive oil cruets, drinking glasses, and seasonal pieces like angels, pumpkins, snowmen, hearts, and ornaments

What They Have to Say: "My work is in a constant transformation. As my knowledge of this ever illusive medium develops, my ideas, designs and concepts continue to expand. I have a great admiration and respect for simple, clean, pure forms... those which seem to be the most challenging yet strikingly gratifying. I strive to push my understanding of design, structure and form... looking to my fellow artists as well as beautiful surroundings for inspiration. My work is always evolving, developing and growing."

My Personal Favorites: I've been gushing over the pitcher she posted about here and her seasonal pumpkins are perfect for this time of year!


shop small holiday 2019 sullivan and phenix

Business Name: Sullivan + Phenix 

Owner: Elizabeth Martin

Location: Atlanta, GA


Instagram Handle: @sullivanandphenix

Offerings: bespoke beaded chandeliers

My Personal Favorites: Sophie; Katherine; Riley


shop small holiday 2019 union camp collective

Business Name: Union Camp Collective 

Owner: Charlotte Smith

Location: Raleigh, NC 

Website: (also available to shop on Chairish)

Instagram Handle: @unioncampcollective (want an insider tip? watch all her IG Stories for first dibs on the best pieces!)

Offerings: all the very best vintage home decor you can imagine - rugs, furniture, lighting, accessories, you name it

What They Have to Say: "Timing is really everything.

I opened the doors at Union Camp Collective on February 14th, 2016. Though, at that time, I had already been "in the business" for a number of years, I really had no idea what I was in for.  

The plan was to have a furniture shop that housed inventory from every era, at every price range with multiple styles. Furniture that can be customized—reupholstered, refinished or repainted. Furniture for every person and place.  

In 2015, a location was found. The spot was a 12,000 square foot auto garage, built in the 60's. The porn and car part poster covered walls did a poor job of masking the years of smoking that happened inside - an odor that's a real sales killer for home goods! So yes, it was smelly, dark and dated but I'm into the possibility of things and this had major potential. And despite the real lack of foot traffic and being off the beaten path, the neighborhood (and the city) promised progression and growth for this part of Raleigh. 

I took the gamble. I power washed the hell out of the building, painted the grease covered walls and planted flowers. I nested. In a big way! 

Today, Union Camp is more than just the furniture shop I planned for. Not your average retail experience - there's an additional purpose for this space that I never imagined. It's frequently rented out for engagement parties, farm to table dinners, fundraisers, anniversaries, birthdays, name it! Sharing the space is right and good and undeniably, the vibe is unlike any other. I even have an extra space for leasing out to fellow entrepreneurs and creatives in town.  

As the business grows, so do I, one step at a time. Each day continues to be a lesson in good (and sometimes bad) business and in people. Inventory is constantly getting more and more robust. The aesthetic tends to be a marriage of all that I love. Never snooty or stuffy. Not too precious or too sweet. Nothing is too cold. Nothing screams just HIS or HERS—nothing purely masculine or feminine. In sum, if my soul had a gift shop—it would look like Union Camp. :)

So please come in! Come to the side of West street that you've never been to before. I really do think that you will enjoy meeting the wild child little sister shop to Studio 123. While we may not be twins, we share the same roots and the same joie de vive. And when it comes to inventory: I'm still getting it daily, I'm still haggle friendly, still hand-painted, still handpicked."


My Personal Favorites: Hobbs and I got our incredible 40, 50, 60? year old bleached wood dresser from UCC as well as a few throw pillows for our living room club chairs. Literally as we were walking out the door with our dresser, a woman came in and offered to pay us double because it was such a quality piece at such a good price that she'd be searching everywhere for. Proudly (or maybe stupidly?), we kept the dresser for ourselves, and it makes me smile each morning when I get dressed. I don't think I'll ever be able to pick favorites, but if you're in the Raleigh area, stop by and chat and see the space (if only to see Charlotte's collection of Nat Geos & the insane American flag on the ceiling!)


shop small holiday 2019 wired collaborative textile rugs

Business Name: Wired Collaborative

Owner: Jessica Been

Location: St. Simon's Island, GA


Instagram Handle: @wiredcollab

Offerings: incredible vintage rugs from around the world

What They Have to Say: "Wired Collaborative offers one-of-a-kind Turkish - Oushaks along with a handful of Indo - Oushaks. Within each warp and weft, there is a handwoven story defined by a unique design named from the specific region of Turkey in which the rug was made. These designs and even colors combinations define not only cultural milestones but the maker themselves.

Wired believes in the nature of design being a collaborative process whether we are working with fabricators on a custom lighting design or finding a client the perfect rug for their project. We would love the opportunity to work with any client!

Our collection of rugs has reach… we have the ability to work directly with both contacts in Turkey and Atlanta to curate a variety of bespoke pieces for any client need. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are not seeing the specific piece you have in mind. We are happy to pull additional rug options from our other locations and can direct ship from Turkey."

My Personal Favorites: Is it possible to choose? I guess if I had to... Sivas; Burunduz; Indo-Oushak


shop small holiday 2019 zen succulent

Business Name: Zen Succulent

Owner: Megan Jones

Location: Durham, NC


Instagram Handle: @thezensucculent

Offerings: terrariums, succulents, beautiful plant containers, bath + body care, home accessories, paper goods, classes & workshops

What They Have to Say: "We are a modern terrarium and plant craft business based in beautiful Durham, North Carolina. The ZEN Succulent was created by the mother/daughter team Margaret and Megan George.

Our living landscape creations are a modern take on traditional terrariums inspired by our natural surroundings, our love for urban planting, and our delight in color. We play with the concepts of nature's classical elements (air, earth, water) though our individual terrarium's use of tillandsia air plants, Japanese marimo balls, vibrant succulents, and more, and how each inhabits its respective landscape.

On May 1, 2016, Margaret & Megan opened The ZEN Succulent, a neighborhood plant & gift shop in downtown Durham which also houses their terrarium & plant craft line and office space. This is their first brick & mortar store."

My Personal Favorites: Green Fan Air Plant Terrarium; Speckled White Air Plant Stands; Succulent Building Workshop


So, who's your favorite? Don't answer that! I know they all are ;) But really, I'd love to know if you've made a purchase from any of these small businesses this year in our Shop Small Holiday 2019 Campaign - tag me on Instagram @maryfrancesflowers and share your goodies with #MFMshopsmallchallenge
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