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Last week, you met some of my favorite artists, and this week we’ll dive into some of my other favorite artists (but art in a different medium) - JEWELRY DESIGNERS! Yes, I AM a jewelry designer myself, but that by no means I can’t love and support other jewelry designers. There’s more than enough success out there for all of us; plus, we all have different styles (and price points) so if organic, edgy modern cast jewelry by yours truly isn’t your thing - no worries, I got you. Ready to Shop Small?


shop small holiday 2019 bent by courtney jewelry

Business Name: Bent by Courtney

Owner: Courtney Johnson

Location: Columbus, GA; available for purchase online & retailers nationwide


Instagram Handle: @bentbycourtney

Offerings: fashion gold-fill and silver jewelry, copper ornaments

What They Have To Say: "Courtney Johnson’s namesake jewelry line, Bent by Courtney, is creative, contemporary & refined. Artisan vibes, specialized techniques & environmental elements narrate her rare aesthetic. A relentless pursuit to challenge the familiar yields an ethereal quality & supreme blend of masculine & feminine counterparts. Encapsulated by artistry & passion, Bent by Courtney jewelry is bent to wear, meant to last."

My Personal Favorites: Harlow | Mother of Pearl; Shooting Star | Gunmetal; Skye | Lapis


Candy Shop Vintage shop small holiday 2019

Business Name: Candy Shop Vintage


Deirdre Zahl

Location: Charleston, SC; also available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @candyshopvintage

What They Have to Say: "Working with US based jewelry manufacturers dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, we have been able to replicate much of the high caliber charm of the vintage pieces Deirdre collects and sells with her own Candy Shop Collection and her popular line of Charleston Rice Beads. Starting with jewelry and more recently moving into apparel and accessories, Deirdre’s relentless attention to detail and charm continues to be infused throughout all of our products. From collaborations with century old jewelry brand Ciner, to working with eco-friendly manufacturing facilities up and down the east coast, we strive to make everything offered at Candy Shop Vintage on par with the vintage heirlooms we all love."

My Personal Favorites: Rhinestone Moon Brooch; Cocktail Gown | Dusty Blue; Charleston Rice Bead Necklace | Gunmetal


shop small holiday 2019 erin mcdermott jewelry

Business Name: Erin McDermott Jewelry

Owner: Erin McDermott White

Location: Charlotte, NC; available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @erinmcdermott1

Offerings: fashion jewelry, personalized subscription boxes

What They Have To Say: "Hi, I’m Erin McDermott White, creator of Erin McDermott Jewelry. My passion is to design and handcraft jewelry that makes you feel beautiful, “put together” and confident. Our customers love our fresh and modern spin on timeless classics - unique pieces that are easy to wear working effortlessly throughout the day.  You’ll find jewelry that allows you to express your personality - transitioning beautifully in your busy life whether you are at work, running errands after yoga, enjoying cocktails, attending a black-tie function or spending the day with friends and family. I invite you to explore our collection and find the “go-to” jewelry that you will love."

My Personal Favorites: Middles Resin Earrings; Snakeskin Wrap Bracelet; Mornings to Margaritas Subscription Box


shop small holiday 2019 kb the label katie boyle

Business Name: KB the label 

Owner: Katie Boyle

Location: Toronto, Canada; available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @kbthelabel

Offerings: modern fine jewelry

What They Have To Say: "Founded in 2013 by Katie Boyle, kb, is dedicated to producing jewelry designs that are fresh, current and timeless. We understand the importance of quality, and push the boundaries to exceed expectations with all the materials used. All kb pieces are produced and manufactured in Canada. It’s important to us that we keep it in the family."

My Personal Favorites: Accent Stud: Labradorite; August: Aquamarine & London Blue Topaz; Ella Slim


shop small holiday 2019 nina kastens jewelry

Business Name: Nina Kastens

Owner: Nina Kastens

Location: Hamburg, Germany & NYC; available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @ninakastens

Offerings: fine jewelry & bespoke wedding jewelry

What They Have to Say: "Why don´t you…
…came to Nina’s mind after she completed a Master’s program in business administration. Crossroads ahead – she was asking herself whether she should start a fashion career or she should just begin her own business? As designing her own jewelry and establishing her own brand had been her dream for years, the decision didn’t take long. So, she packed her stuff, took off towards NYC and signed up for a goldsmith training course at the jewelry trade school Studio Jewelers Ltd. With that, in the summer of 2014, she launched her label Nina Kastens Jewelry.
With contemporary design as a main influence, the label stands for timeless but modern jewelry. The pieces unite coolness and elegance. Nina’s collection features fresh new interpretations of classic jewelry themes, made of sterling silver and gold vermeil, and refined with lustrous freshwater pearls. To honor the quality and the craftsmanship, all pieces are handmade in small German workshops.
New York City, as the world’s hub for architecture, culture, design and fashion, has been the greatest inspiration for Nina’s jewelry designs. Further, exceptional personalities, objects, and fine interior designs inspire her to create jewelry for confident, feminine and independent women.

“I’d describe my style as clean, feminine and elegant. I also use symbolic forms such as the scarab, an Egyptian lucky charm, which has become my signature piece.“ Nina’s most precious piece is the I Am Good ring. “Every woman wearing my ring has her very own unique story behind it to tell. The ring should remind you of what and who you are and to motivate you to keep doing what you do best. Every day. I feel very happy to pass strength, confidence and motivation to my customers."

My Personal Favorites: Heart Hoops; Mini Face Choker; Crumbs Bracelet


shop small holiday 2019 yearly company

Business Name: Yearly Company

Owner: Ann Williams

Location: Nashville, TN; also available for purchase online


Instagram Handle:

Offers: simple solid gold bangles meant to layer and stack year after year, gold hoops and rings

What They Have To Say: "Almost 60 years ago my grandfather, Stewart Simonson bought my grandmother, Mary Jane, a simple gold bangle to commemorate their wedding anniversary and a meaningful family tradition was created. After her passing, Stewart passed Mary Jane's bracelets to her five children for each of them to continue the custom in their own marriages. And the tradition was embraced by the next generation of Simonsons.
We have shared this anniversary bracelet tradition with family and friends by gifting the first bangle to a bride on her wedding day for her spouse to add to each year. And now our hand made anniversary bangles are available to anyone wanting to create their own family tradition.
Every Yearly Co. piece is solid 14k gold, and durable to wear all day, everyday.
Each gold bangle represents a year of marriage.

The perfect gift. Year after year."

My Personal Favorites: The Twist; The Decade; Gold Threader Hoops


A quick reminder: the MFF custom deadline for pieces to be ready in time for Christmas is next Friday, October 18th! I'll be traveling around the Southeast on our Custom Consultation Pop Up Tour all next week and the next so nab your appointment or send me an email to get started!
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