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Hi there, and welcome back to our weekly edition of small businesses doing cool things! This week, I'm so thrilled to share a handful of my favorite potters with yall. I recall trying a wheel-throwing class as a child, and dang - this medium takes some serious talent (and patience)! I'm beyond impressed with each of these makers; their unique styles make a gift from them truly special, and I hope you'll find something from at least one of them for someone on your list this year!
shop small holiday 2019 annie hanks ceramic studio

Business Name: Annie Hanks Ceramic Studio

Owner: Stephanie Anne Martin & Katherine Hanks McAlister

Location: Chattanooga, TN; available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @anniehankstudio

Offerings: carafes, jugs, tumblers, mugs, plates, platters, serving pieces, wine glasses, sculptural pieces

What They Have to Say: "The ceramic work created within Annie Hanks Ceramic Studio is made collaboratively by Stephanie Anne Martin and Katherine Hanks. A modernist aesthetic characterizes Annie Hanks utilitarian and fine-artwork which often resembles human and feminine form, horizon, and landscape. The porcelain and stoneware work is thrown and finessed by the hands of both women, enhanced by handmade and individually embellished crystalline glazes, and fired in an oxidation atmosphere in their Chattanooga, Tennessee studio.

Annie Hanks Ceramic Studio is a private, production ceramic studio, providing dishwasher and microwave-safe, lead and barium-free pottery. Annie Hanks Ceramics offers small business custom orders, gift registries, a distinguished fine art line, unique utilitarian, wheel-thrown pottery, and shipping across the US."

My Personal Favorites: Platters; Venus Series; Carafes


shop small holiday 2019 carlisle ceramics

Business Name: Carlisle Ceramics

Owner: Carlisle Harris

Location: Asheville, NC; available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @carlisleceramics

Offerings: carafes, planters, vases, tumblers, bowls & platters, cheese boards

What They Have to Say: "Simple. Functional. Ceramics.

Taking heavy influence from the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, I use earth tones and minimalist designs to create unique pieces that showcase the beauty of imperfection. My ceramics are hand made, left with marks of the hand, with the intention of looking like they already have a history. Stimulating yet meditative, I make art from emotion and experience. Every day inspires something new and is channeled into each individual piece."

My Personal Favorites: Wine Carafe; Small Planter; cheese boards (not on website yet!)


shop small holiday 2019 hb clay

Business Name: HB Clay

Owner: Hannah Barry

Location: Asheville, NC; available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @hannahbbarry

Offerings: blates, bowls, vases, planters, drinkware

What They Have to Say: "HB Clay centers on the handmade processes of ceramic objects to restore moments for self-connection through intentional design. Exploring skills and techniques of current makers and pottery pioneers, HB Clay produces small-batch forms to preserve the inherent nature of this craft. As a one-lady-operation, HB Clay creates simple and functional wares to continue this cultural and creative enrichment."

My Personal Favorites: BLATES!!! Literally the best invention since sliced-bread, and HB Clay does 'em right. Also, Hannah made all of the vases for the flowers at our wedding, and they are stunning! Grab a vase if ya can.


shop small holiday 2019 libbie rothschild sculpture

Business Name: Libbie Rothschild Sculpture

Owner: Libbie Rothschild

Location: Atlanta, GA; available for purchase online & locally at Huff Harrington in Atlanta, Anne Neilson in Charlotte, Blue Print in Dallas, and Highland Gallerie in Columbus, GA


Instagram Handle: @libbierothschildsclupture

Offerings: uniquely formed bowls, planters, and platters

What They Have to Say: "Libbie Rothschild is a sculptor in Atlanta, Ga. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a B.F.A. in sculpture and an emphasis in ceramics. Libbie focuses on functional shapes influenced by nature and believes allowing the medium to take its own organic shape and texture is where the beauty lies." 

My Personal Favorites: matte-glazed bowls! I'm dying for one in a neutral tone for my coffee table


shop small holiday 2019 mollie jenkins pottery

Business Name: Mollie Jenkins Pottery

Owner: Mollie Jenkins

Location: Columbus, GA; available for purchase online


Instagram Handle: @molliejenkinspottery

Offerings: bowls, mugs, plates, lamps, kitchen-wares, provisions, vases, pitchers, serving pieces & platters, seasonal gifts like ghosts at Halloween and ornaments at Christmas

What They Have to Say: "I was first introduced to pottery during my Senior year of high school, and continued my education in ceramics at Auburn University where I graduated in 2015.  Shortly after graduating I moved my new operation to Nashville, TN where I began to sell my work and continually grow my production process.  As of August 2017, I am officially located in my hometown of Columbus, GA.  Although my initial product line was focused on dinnerware, I have since expanded that line into other household items that I find add greater depth to the range of my products.  In order to fulfill this desire for function, each piece is carefully weighted and trimmed in order to maintain consistency in each lot.  Mollie Jenkins Pottery is hand thrown on a pottery wheel, which results in every piece being inherently unique.  Although hand throwing each piece results in a subtle uniqueness that could not be replicated otherwise, the functionality of my pieces are of utmost importance to me.  To enhance the uniqueness of each item, after the completion of making each piece, the product is then glazed in house-mixed glazes which allow for a distinction in this pottery.   My ultimate goal is that each piece I make be enjoyed equally in use as well as in decoration."

My Personal Favorites: oh gosh where to begin? I've been lucky enough to snag a huge bowl we have on our dining room table, a spoon rest we use daily, tumblers with thumb indentions I'm obsessed with, a few vases, a berry bowl, and I think the next think I have my eye on are the pasta bowls


Ceramics and earthenware are honestly the best gifts for anyone on your list because you know they'll be USED & LOVED! And who doesn't love that about gift-giving? Giving someone something functional! I'm hoping to load up from some of these makers for my own list!


Housekeeping note: This Friday 10/18 is the LAST DAY for custom order inquiries for 2019. To get started on your custom piece, please fill out this form. Friday 10/18 is also the last day for Ornament pre-sales. Only a handful of each design will be made this year, and I'm taking pre-orders early. All pre-orders will begin shipping the first week of November, and any ornaments left after pre-order will be available for purchase with immediate shipping on the site November 7, 2019.

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Hey Mary Frances,
I’ve heard from Eliza that you both are doing great! This very informative email is fantastic. I was once a small business owner (and understand the challenges)and have always been a huge fan of pottery. Our home town was right next to Jugtown/Seagrove, NC.
Can’t wait to follow the threads to the online shops!
❌⭕️, Julie

Julie Williams

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