Shop Small Holiday: Black Friday Roundup

Good morning, and happy Wednesday! It's almost that time of year (well, for some, it has already started) - Black Friday weekend is near! The weekend with the biggest sales ever. And while, yes you can probably find some amazing deals at the big guys, don't forget about all the small businesses this holiday season who may or may not also be offering sales. Some small businesses offer sales even if they can't really afford to, just to compete with the big guys, so just keep that in mind when shopping small this year and give your small business friends an extra squeeze and a thank-you for the deal they may give you. Because unlike some of the bigger corporations, a purchase you make with a small business goes towards putting food on the table, sending kids to school so they can get a great education, and back into the community with which you or the small biz owner lives; it's not just so an owner of a big corporation can get another vacation home! "Every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance" - this is SO TRUE!

So, without further ado, I'd like to reintroduce you to some of my favorite small businesses below. If they are having a sale, it will be listed below their business name (but just FYI, I'm not aware of ALL the sales so be sure to sign up for any email lists of businesses you're most interested in to get the real info on potential Black Friday promotions). But, either way, sale or not, I hope you'll support these incredible businesses this holiday season and all throughout the year! After all, small businesses are what make the world and our communities go round!

Elaine Burge Art
Ellen Catlin
Hannah Betzel Fine Art
Kate Waddell Art
Katie Jacobson Art
Lauren Bolshakov Fine Art
Well & Wonder
(Black Friday through Cyber Monday (only sale all year long!) 20% off entire site)

Bent by Courtney
Candy Shop Vintage
Erin McDermott Jewelry
KB the label
Nina Kastens
Yearly Company

Annie Hanks Ceramic Studio
Carlisle Ceramics
HB Clay
Libbie Rothschild Sculpture
Mollie Jenkins Pottery

Fall Line Flowers
Kaas Glassworks
Kingfisher Woodworks
Sally Denham Glass
Sullivan + Phenix
Union Camp Collective
Wired Collaborative
Zen Succulent

Abbey Glass Studio
Emily Phillips Clothing
REP Active Art
Larkin Lane
STATE the Label
(sign up for their email list to get the info on 30% off the entire site!)

Southern Straws
Reid's Fine Foods
Proper Pepper
Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn
Little Duck Farms

Sugar Snap Pea
Library Littles
A Raven's Nest
Lovelane Designs
Gunner & Lux

Peyton's Post
Evelyn Henson
(Cyber Monday Sale Code: SHOPSMALL25)
Florence Street Studio
Liz Shea Designs

Epperly Travel
Sparkle Hustle Grow
The Southern C Summit
Edited by Elizabeth
Work Well With Kate

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