The Honeycomb Collection

One of my favorite style collections in the Mary Frances Maker line utilizes the Honeycomb design. I developed this while at school in NYC and first started playing around using lots of different elements to create jewelry. One of my most loved pieces within the Honeycomb Collection is the Honeycomb Ear Climbers in Gold and here in Silver.  
I can't remember if I've ever gone into detail about the schooling I did up in NYC to learn these jewelry processes, but bear with me if I have. The structure of the school was basically a "live and learn" model. We were given a list of several projects that needed to be completed by the end of our time. Basic instruction was presented at the very beginning of the school, and then every student was on his or her own, only receiving instruction when one asked for it. I loved it. Being micromanaged is just not my jam, so the idea that we created our own schedules and had to figure things out by trial and error was right on point with how I like to learn.

 In my element at the bench! Polishing up a cuff, circa 2013

With all of that said, some students worked at a quicker or slower pace than others. My friend, Nina (check her out! FYI she lives in Germany, so be sure to switch her site to the U.S. for easy understanding), and I worked pretty quickly through the projects and had about a month of school left once our list was complete. (I think they designed it this way so we'd have extra time for creating jewelry at the end and get completely hooked! :)). The Honeycomb Bee Cuff was one of the first pieces I created while I was still in school. Because I was (and still am) learning, the Bee and Honeycomb design didn't come out quite right when I tried to produce more than one. After school, I went back to the drawing board and redesigned it for "mass production." I put quotes around it because the number of pieces I produce can't really be considered mass production, but we do make more than one at a time, so it's the best term to describe our production process. 

The Bee Cuff was a favorite for some time, but I heard many comments saying that people loved the idea of the honeycomb design rather than the Bee itself, so - The Honeycomb Cuff came into play! The Honeycomb Earrings technically came before the cuff, but that's another story. The Honeycomb Earrings + Cuff (made in both silver and brass) quickly became customer favorites.

Recently, I came out with the Honeycomb Ring in Gold and Silver. A simple yet powerful alternative to the more bold ring options. Both the Silver and Gold Honeycomb Rings are made to order, meaning they ship within 2-3 weeks of the order date. The rest of the Honeycomb Collection are ready to ship pieces, meaning as soon as you place your order, they are on the way to you! 

Many of the products I've made have been created based on a client's preference for a particular design or feedback from people based on current products, so I'd love to hear below -  what are your favorite pieces in the Honeycomb Collection?  

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