Missed the custom deadline but still want to gift something truly thoughtful this holiday season? We get it - gifting a custom piece of jewelry is tricky. It's an expensive mistake if the recipient doesn't love your choices, and sometimes you want to include heirloom stones but don't want to ruin the surprise by asking for them! Not a worry, we've thought of a clever way to still gift a beautiful custom piece of jewelry to your loved one - and involve them in the process!

Here's what you do...

1. Book a virtual custom consultation with us in January. Let me know a timeline, budget, and a few general details of your project when booking. Pick the date most convenient for you! If you need to reschedule after chatting with the gift recipient, that's easy to do.) 

Book Here

2. Pay your Design Deposit. This will hold your spot and reserve time on my calendar to design specifically for you! 

Pay your Design Deposit

3. Write a sweet note for your person to open on Christmas morning saying you've taken the initiative and would like them to have a beautiful custom piece of MFM - all they have to do is show up for the schedule consultation and let me know what they want. I'll send you the bill ;) (ps if you'd like a custom graphic with the details, you can download that here!

...and that's it! You've won Christmas- congratulations!!

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