To ensure you receive your gifts in time for the holidays, please refer to the following table. Christmas is Friday, December 25, 2020. Hanukkah begins Thursday, December 10, 2020.

Item If ordering for Christmas, order by If ordering for Hanukkah, order by
Custom jewelry

Monday, November 9th

(get in touch by this date - any deposit invoices will need to be paid by November 13th. Custom orders will not be accepted in 2020 after this date.)

Monday, October 26th

(get in touch by this date - any deposit invoices will need to be paid by October 30th.)

Semi-Custom Styles

(morse code jewelry & birthstone jewelry)

 Wednesday, December 2nd

Monday, November 16th

Made to Order Styles

(all 14k gold pieces, sets & stacks, anything that is not currently listed "ready to ship")

 Friday, December 4th

Friday, November 20th

Ornament Engravings

(ornaments will be available until inventory runs out but personalized engravings will not be available after this date)

 Friday, December 11th

Monday, November 30th

Ready to Ship Styles

(with standard USPS First Class Shipping)

 Tuesday, December 15th

Friday, December 4th


Ready to Ship Styles 

(with UPS or FedEx 2-Day or Overnight Shipping)

Friday, December 18th at noon EST

Ready to Ship Styles

(with local Charleston, SC pickup)

Thursday, December 17th
Friday, December 4th



Small Business:

If you’re desiring to buy from a small business this holiday season, thank you! “We” are about as small as it gets. And by we, I mean myself, my husband, my dog, and the small family-run production team I work with in NYC. But truthfully, I (Mary Frances) am the one who answers every email, fills every order, takes every box to the post office, designs each piece, posts every picture to Instagram and Facebook, and these days, makes every ornament. I’ve got the most incredible support system, but when it boils down to it - you’re buying from me. You’re buying pieces that all hold a little place in my heart. Thank you for that, I promise never to take it for granted.


Process & Pricing:

Some of you may know this. Some may not.

I make each and every design first by hand in wax. If it’s an organic piece of material such as birch bark or shells, I’m cutting the bark or cleaning and filing the shells so they’ll work for casting. I then send all the waxes and organic material to either my family-run production team in New York City or small team in Charleston. They cast every piece (turn the wax into metal), make a mold of it, and then send it back to me in mostly-finished condition. I clean up any pieces that need extra work, add chains, add ear hooks, and photograph and package them so they come to you wrapped up all pretty!

The companies I work with charge me for the metal and their labor. I’ve worked with these companies for years. They pay their workers fair wages and charge me fair prices. In order for me to keep doing this thing, I must add in a profit. But other than that, I do my very best to price each item fairly. Items are mostly priced based on the weight of the piece and amount of metal used. Silver is more expensive than brass. Gold is more expensive than silver. You’re paying for an item that has been lovingly made from start to finish in the USA with fair-wage workers and luxury packaging. Thanks for supporting us!