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Asscher Cut Emerald

Asscher Cut Emerald

About the source:
When I stumbled upon this family-run gem company's booth, I was blown away at their incredible selection! Ranna and I were on our way out for our last day of the Tucson Gem Show in 2024, but I was stopped in my tracks and pulled into this booth. We also sourced matches pairs of rubies and sapphires from this team. The attention to detail was unmatched. We will certainly be looking out for this family booth next time we're at the gem show or sourcing something unique for our custom clients. I first envisioned a pair of thick bezel stud earrings with these emeralds, but the more I see them, I'm wondering if a super funky cool chunky ring might be the move? We have two up for grabs so it could be a best friends/mother-daughter friendship ring/necklace kinda situation?!

Each emerald measures 8mm x 8mm.

Emeralds have a hardness of 7.5-8/10 on the Mohs Hardness scale. While still tough, they are softer than rubies or sapphires and do require special care and maintenance (never put your emeralds in an ultrasonic cleaner). However, if set securely (we love them in a bezel if making them in a ring or bracelet since these styles often endure the most wear and tear), emeralds can be set into any jewelry silhouette. Emerald is also known as the birthstone for the month of May and the 55th wedding anniversary gem.

2 available

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We would love to work with you on a custom piece of jewelry incorporating this gemstone. This product page is used to serve as a gallery of what we currently have in inventory and ready to use in custom projects immediately. However, if you love this gem and are concerned it will be snatched by another custom client, feel free to go ahead and checkout to claim these and remove them as available on the site - we can share more details and pricing once we've chatted through the final custom jewelry design. To discuss all we can do using this piece, schedule a free custom consultation at your convenience. We look forward to chatting with you!

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