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The Worthy Stone Necklace

The Worthy Stone Necklace

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The Worthy Stone Necklace is a collaborative take on the classic Worry Stone. Worry Stone Necklaces are based on the idea that as you hold, touch, and rub the imperfect stone, you feel grounded, releasing all worries.

Building a business on the cornerstone of meaningful jewelry, I was honored to recreate my own rendition of this necklace - a WORTHY Stone - centered in feelings of worthiness and belonging alongside a dear friend and coach, Sallie Holder at The Brimm.

The 26” long chain is intentionally designed without the worry of a clasp and so that the "stone" hangs low over your heart and can be held whenever you need the gentle reminder that, in every moment, you are worthy.


Details: handmade solid brass "stone" plated with 14k yellow gold on a continuous 26" long cable chain, no clasp. (designed to fit over the head.)

Please note: this piece is only available for a limited time. Orders are accepted Nov 1-10th - all orders will be received in time for holiday gifting!

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