Behind the Scenes: Cigar Band Ring


A reimagined engagement ring


Custom cigar band rings with family stones

Our ever so fabulous cigar band rings have really hit center stage. From the first MFM custom cigar band, until now, I have loved sourcing different colored gemstones based on our clients’ preferences. I sourced a stunning amethyst for the very first custom cigar band and voila! Magic was made. We did a few more with different client’s family stones until it struck me. I could continue on the cigar band phenomenon and continue sourcing unique stones just for you. From lavender sapphire, emeraldpink tourmaline, green tourmaline, yours is out there! We love creating new family heirlooms that you can wear (making you feel so so cool & chic) and pass down for generations.


Semi-custom cigar band rings

This custom piece has now become semi-custom. Available online for all to enjoy! Have a stone? Let’s use it! Don’t have a stone? We’ll find it.

The first MFM cigar band ring!

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