I absolutely love working on custom pieces! I want to hear and learn all about the piece you're envisioning, what gets you excited, the story behind the stones, the story behind the person you're gifting the piece to or the milestone you're celebrating for yourself - I want to know it all! No detail is too small.


If you already know exactly what you're looking to have done - great! Here is your form for that. It's sort of the "express train" for custom work. Fill it out with as much detail as possible, and I'll email you a quote within a few days. If you're on a tight deadline, I recommend starting here.


If you have a vague idea of what you'd like or are just tired of looking at those outdated family heirlooms taking up valuable space in your jewelry box and need a refresh, I suggest starting here. Through this form, you'll schedule an initial, complimentary 15 minute phone call. We'll discuss some options about what can be done with your old jewelry (or what can be done if you'd like to create something totally new - an engagement ring, perhaps?) and share expected timelines around the work involved. I cannot provide a quote on this phone call as I will need to assess all of the information learned during our call first. If you'd prefer to make a Facetime date or Zoom call rather than a phone call so you can physically show me your ideas or stones, I'm happy to accommodate.


Once you have either completed our inquiry form or our initial phone call, I'll formulate a quote based on the information given. The proposal will arrive in your email, and it will be valid for 14 days from the date you've received it. Due to the ever changing metal markets, the length of time our proposals are valid must be limited. If you are not prepared to move forward at this time, your quote will be archived and a new proposal can be reissued at a later date should you choose to move forward later. Proposals will also include valuable information like estimated timeline, stone removal and metal recycling fees, and the specific project's details.


If you are ready to move forward, yay! I'd be thrilled to work with you. The proposal is interactive so I'll need you to complete it and send it back to me. Two things will happen next. Either the initial proposal was exactly what you had in mind, in which case I send you a deposit invoice that must be paid within 5 days of receipt. Or, changes need to be made to the initial proposal, and I send you a different deposit invoice to account for my time in making those changes and reissuing a new proposal.


You've signed the proposal and paid your deposit invoice. Now what? Now the fun part starts! I immediately get to work on your piece. You'll receive an email confirmation that your deposit was received, and your piece is in production. I'll send photos of waxes or photo mockups along the way, if necessary, and you'll have access to your personalized client portal with all of our previous email communication and proposals. I'm always an email away if you have any questions.


Each custom project is completely unique which is why there is no exact formula or timeline for which it follows. However, the above is a good guideline for what to expect. Metal markets change daily so prices can fluctuate, and as we've seen in recent years, pandemics and global circumstances can change everything. But, the honor of creating beautiful jewelry for you is not lost on me, and I will always do everything in my power to work with you and find solutions should problems arise. As a general guide, I typically suggest allowing at least 6 weeks for custom work. Closer to 8 weeks if you'd like for me to source stones for you (which I can and would love to do!). Sometimes it takes much less time, and sometimes much more, but this is a good expectation to start with. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out with questions, no matter how small.


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