We Love Our Small Business Friends

In a world of constant stimulation overload, we find solace in making a list. Mary Frances has always been curious about other small brands and businesses - ones she feels good about supporting, knows the founders personally, and gets excited to share with friends. She's "collected" these favorite brands over the years, purchasing from or working directly with, and thought how fun would it be to share these brands with the MFM community?! Thus, we have The Maker List: an ever-growing, curated list of our faves that we hope you'll love, too!

PS - we are not sponsored or paid by any of these brands; we just personally like and trust them, and thought you might, too.

  • Mirth

    easy, modern resort wear with a purpose

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  • Sullivan + Phenix

    transform your home into a sanctuary of serenity and style

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  • Sophie Williamson Design

    gastfreundschaft means hospitality in German, but it's so much more than that

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  • Work Well with Kate

    it’s time to ditch the busy work & step into your role as CEO

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  • Surcie

    creating a beautiful paper trail through all of life's celebrations

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  • Buru

    a wardrobe that’s as delightful and hardworking as you - designed and produced in small batches year-round

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  • Bauble Stockings

    the holiday's grand finale - a Bauble Stocking contains the final gift, the one that says "you are loved"

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  • Beach House Studio

    bringing you a bit of coastal cool for your wardrobe, walls and for your friends

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  • Yearly Co

    the perfect gift, year after year - inspired by a family tradition to mark milestone anniversaries

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  • Heirloomed Collection

    purveyors of timeless textiles & goods

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  • Maryfrances Carter

    functional art for a beautiful life

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  • Southern Straws Cheese Straws

    a hand-crank press & old family recipe

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We've been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of these incredible brands!