Custom Stories: A Sister's Branch Ring

A childhood friend of mine (I think we may have actually known each other since birth!) approached me this past spring about her sister’s upcoming 30th birthday. She knew she wanted to do something really unique to commemorate this new decade in her sister’s life, and she wanted it to be both thoughtful and meaningful. My client found this incredible white kite diamond with a tiny fleck of orangey gold in the middle and fell in love. She called the small fleck the “goldfish,” and it always makes me smile thinking of it that way. After searching high and low for a similar color stone and finding no luck, we stumbled upon this black kite diamond. Although it’s not similar in color, ironically it also has a “goldfish” (though it’s a bit harder to see in the photograph) so we knew we found a match. The two diamonds are a perfect representation of these beautiful fiery redheaded sisters who have always been very different from each other yet still seemed to have some very important things in common. The branch details represent their family, with the ring symbolizing a family tree of sorts. Though the diamonds (and sisters) are different in many ways, the strong branches (and prongs 😉) of their family keep them together. What a story!
branch ring

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