Custom Stories: White Sapphire Studs

white sapphire earring

My mom has had the same pair of diamond stud earrings in her ears for as long as I can remember. The only time I ever recall my mom wearing a different pair of earrings was for a really special occasion - a wedding or something of the equivalent. 

So, this past Spring when my mom lost one of her diamond studs while caring for her second of two granddaughters born within a month of each other, we knew it was time for a new pair. Early in her marriage, my dad had gifted those original diamond earrings to her, and she wore them with pride daily. Now, as they were entering into a new phase of marriage (now with the last of their daughters married and a growing extended family of five grandkids), my dad decided to give her a little upgrade.

Her new earrings are a little bit bigger, but with a fun twist - they're actually white sapphires!! Oh, and we added a few extra prongs for a little playfulness and to differentiate from all the other studs out there.
2.6tcw white sapphires (colorless) set into a low basket setting in 14k yellow gold with screw-back posts


white sapphire earring white sapphire earring









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