Custom Stories: Elaine's 2-piece Cluster Diamond Ring & Bezel Pendant


Elaine had received a few pieces of diamond jewelry as gifts through the years from both her parents and grandparents during celebratory times. The diamonds were all previously set in platinum, and she always dreamt of resetting them in yellow gold. So, we reset them!

She envisioned a ring with diamonds all clustered together, and with a second little girl on the way, we decided to make not only one ring but two. Two rings that would fit into each other and complete the cluster look she had imagined.
I first digitally designed about 5 options for single cluster rings, and after a bit of back and forth (Elaine is an artist herself after all!) and Elaine realizing two interlocking rings would create her dream look, I presented 4 more options. She chose my personal favorite, and I got to work creating the wax models, casting those waxes, and the setting the diamonds into place.
And now, these special diamonds have become heirloom pieces, rings she can wear alone or together and one day pass down to her daughters. For the largest diamond in the group, we set it into the most beautifully imperfect bezel pendant necklace! 
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