Jackie's Look

I think we can all agree that it’s the best scenario when things just so happen ~organically~. That’s how this project happened. Jackie discovered some of our pieces through Instagram and desired to own them for herself. Specifically, the wavy disc and the scallop diamond pendant on our satellite chain. What she loved most was how versatile these pieces are to layer! Her husband reached out to us wanting to purchase these pieces for their upcoming anniversary (and that's how you take notes!). Now their anniversary was coming up quick... we had a wavy disc pendant and chain in studio so we shipped them asap with a note included with a photo of the scalloped diamond pendant saying it was on its way to her front doorstep!

Now, Jackie gets to layer her pendants how SHE wants to. She wears them every day whether casually, dressed up on vacation, whatever style her day presents her with. And trust us…she never fails! You can see how Jackie inspires us through fashion and lifestyle here!


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