Our Fascination with June's Alexandrite

It’s not just the beauty that attracts us to so many stones…it’s the stories behind them. One in particular, that we find much underrated, is Alexandrite. And it’s the perfect time to dive deeper because it’s one of the birthstones for June! An easy reason to fall in love with Alexandrite is you don’t just get the appeal of one colored stone, but instead several colors all from the same stone (!!). Depending on the time of day, and the time of light, this stone magically changes from one shade to another. See below for a simple reference.



The Alexandrite stone has a neat and short history. It was first discovered in 1830 in the Ural Mountains of … *trivia question??* … Russia. Right before the future czar, Alexander II’s, birthday.

Getting this stone in a custom MFM piece brings some diversity and some excitement to your piece (i.e. baguette ring, baguette birch bangle, wavy disc pendant, maybe something custom *wink* and more!) simply because of the nature of the stone. If you’re loving it THAT much, you can always request a juicy alexandrite in our signature cigar band ring! You might look down and it be green, look later and it may be blue and look in a different room and it may be purple. It’s truly remarkable. If you’re looking for a stone that will please all and be a fun story to tell, and also if you wanted to educate some friends and family, alexandrite is for you! See below for several of MFM’s stone options to choose from, with the Alexandrite of course.

Our purples colorway: amethyst, alexandrite, tanzanite

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