A Peek into the Casting Process

We work with an incredible caster and bench jeweler in Florida to turn MFM's wax jewelry pieces into that gorgeous solid gold we all love. We captured a bit of the process on a recent visit to his studio. Below are the abbreviated steps to the process:

1. Create a wax "tree" with all models (pieces) you plan to cast

2. Place the tree into a steel flask and fill with powder investment

3. Add water to your flask, vibrate the flask to remove any air bubbles

4. Allow the liquid investment to harden, and then place flask into oven where wax tree will melt out, leaving an empty cavity

5. Pull flask from the oven, place in a heat-safe container so you can pour in your melted metal

6. Melt your gold and then pour carefully into the cavity left in your flask

7. Allow the gold to harden in the cavity (this happens quickly!), place flask into a bucket of water to quench and release your gold tree

8. Admire your work! Cut the pieces you've cast from the base of the tree, tumble, clean up, set your stones, and polish to perfection!