A Lakeside Proposal

Finally - the secret is out!! Something about the anticipation of creating an engagement ring and waiting for the "big day" to arrive. Seeing this ring on the person it was made for overwhelmed us with excitement and gratitude.

J came to us months ago with his girlfriend's (now fiance's) pinterest board and a plethora of inspiration videos. She loved the look of antique cluster rings, but wanted it to be completely custom. Using all of the ideas gathered, Mary Frances hit the ground running to create different mock-ups. J wanted Mary Frances to find all of the diamonds, leaving Mary Frances the creative freedom to mix and match any shape and size diamonds. These initial mockups ranged from an all oval cluster ring to THE ring with pears, rounds, and ovals. Each design felt like a puzzle - fitting each stone to hug the other. A puzzle of sparkly new diamonds that will represent their unfolding love story.

Crazy how one ring can mean so much to two people. And what an honor to create it. J proposed this past weekend on a beautiful, sunny day. We wish them the biggest congratulations and happiest engagement season!!


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