Behind the Scenes: The Wavy Bangle

We were thinking…it’s about time we share how the Wavy Bangle came to be. We have received so much love for its beauty, simplicity and signature raised edge. What inspired this piece goes way back to the time period of moving studio spaces (aka about 8 months ago). In the midst of that chaos, Mary Frances rediscovered a unique foreign coin that was collected during her travels several years ago. Its wavy shape and raised edges inspired not just the wavy bangle but the wavy disc as well. Inspiration is always around us!! Even when it’s hiding (or lost). We need to take a poll to see who wants another wavy somethin’ to the collection…stay tuned! 👀

How does it come to be? Glad you asked. This video is a quick snippet of the process. It all starts with a cylindrical hunk of jewelers wax (the purple stuff you're always seeing!) that had to be cut and hollowed. Next, Mary Frances photoshopped and printed (a very thought out) wave (kinda looked like bacon... lol) to trace onto the wax. Now, fast forward to the beginning of the linked video. Mary Frances filed away along the traced line to create the ~waves~. And here’s where the magic happens- she grabs her wax pen tool and essentially draws the edge with wax. It hardens shortly after it’s on the bangle, and once it’s all finally set, she has a go at filing one more time to “clean it up” while still leaving those craft marks of a maker.

Voila!: Now, the casting process…that’s for another blog!

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