Custom Stories: Art Deco Redesign for a Big Anniversary

A longtime fan & supporter of MFM, K sent me an email with some pictures last Fall of a few rings she’d inherited from her mom. They were her mom’s wedding rings, and K was quickly approaching her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband T. She mentioned her love of Art Deco and how the stones were simple yet meaningful and was hoping we could find something to do with them to create a right hand ring. After a really fun pop up in Denver running through ideas during our custom consult, we landed on a design. Something that would honor her mother’s stones but in a style K really loved. Then, the holidays rolled around. Everyone got busy and we decided to push the project to Spring. About a month went by when I received a clever email in my inbox - T wanted to surprise K with the ring for their anniversary on Jan 28th. Since we already had the design & I already had the stones, it was a go and K was none the wiser 😏 This was probably one of my harder secrets to keep as these are two of my sister’s best friends, and I couldn’t even tell her! Well, this past Tuesday evening, T gifted the ring to K, and my eyes filled with tears when I received this text “Mary Frances! You sneaky sneaky lady. Just opened my anniversary gift and sobbed. It’s gorgeous and perfect and stunning and holds such a special story for me! Thank you for working your magic.”


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