Tips! Adding More Birthstones to Your MFM Jewelry

We're all human, and the fact of the matter is, life is always moving along. Things change, stories unfold, milestones (whether expected or unexpected) happen. 

We've designed jewelry that can grow with you as your story unfolds. Adding birthstones for children, a diamond for every anniversary, a new stone for every work milestone, stones just because 3 is what feels comfortable for now, but you dream of baguettes all the way around. The list goes on. It can be what you make of it and you don’t have to wait for it to be perfectly right because it can be built upon as life’s twists and turns play out. 

Our Buy Now, Add More Later pieces are exactly what you need for starting now with the intention of building on more down the road. Simply purchase the style with the number of gems you need NOW, and when you're ready to add more gems, get in touch with us! We'll send you an invoice for the upgrade and the address of where to ship your piece. It’s as easy as that.  See our most recommended pieces for this process here and let your mind RUN with ideas!


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