Round Up: Bracelets

Have you ever received the ooo’s and ahh’s over a piece of jewelry you’re wearing? It is one of the best compliments. One of the reasons this business began is to give women this exact feeling on a regular basis. To give all of us this confidence and this pride that we can wear and display everyday! The excitement about custom bracelets comes from the ability to nail it on the head with each and every detail. The width of the bracelet, your choice of hinge clasp, cuff or chain, stones or no stones, an engraving, what kind of metal and its finish, a tight fit or wiggle room, creating only one or multiple to stack together or even spread out! 


Set of three bangles with a variation in widths, colored gemstones, stone shapes! 
-4mm, 8mm, 15mm-


As we’ve created more and more custom bracelets, they have become one our favorite pieces to accessorize with (S/O to the OG birch cuffs!). So while you caaaaan still create a custom bracelet with all the bells and whistles tailored to you, we’re making a way for you to have your very own MFM bracelet, oh so easily. Consider this a HARD launch (not so easy launchers over here) and a good ole wink at all of you for what’s coming NEXT! Coming (sooner than you think)….are EIGHT new bracelets added to our semi-custom collection: March 28th. Whether your calendar is digital or manual, let us suggest you add!



Spaced eternity bangle with 2mm diamonds clustered completed with a hinge clasp and brushed gold finish


Three custom sapphire/diamond birch bangles all with hinge clasps for a tighter closure:
One with 2mm diamonds evenly spaced and burnish set into the bangle
One with client's teeny diamonds and oval sapphires all around in a scattered look
One classic gold birch bangle.
Yearly Co x MFM birch bangle
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