Tucson Recap Part 2

Last week, we shared what we saw on our trip to Tucson, Arizona. This week, we want to share what came home with us!

Tourmalines, also known as the “eighth anniversary gem”, came home in bulk. One from a cutter who has won multiple competitions, heavily due to the precision of his stones. (Don’t forget the importance of symmetry!!) Many shades of pink + green round tourmalines found their way into our bags *hint: new piece coming soon*. We picked up a handful of show specials - emerald cut stones and matching pairs of rubies, sapphires and emeralds that are going to be stunning in a custom (or semi-custom!) design. And lastly, a tall, deep green emerald-cut tourmaline that really stood out to us because of not only its color but the ratio of the stone. Will make for one BEAUTIFUL custom piece, just sayin! Were almost all of the stones baguettes or emerald cuts? Yes. Do I have an obsession? Yes.

Fun little gifts for family and friends are always so easy to find in an environment like this. Luckily, we were not lacking! For my daughter, a pink dinosaur (which we referenced in our last blog), unique carved figures for some of our dearest friends and tiles from an art gallery to go with tiles that my husband and I got on our honeymoon in Portugal, therefore, a personal fav. 

Along with these added members to the gemstone collection, we returned home with more inspiration, more knowledge and more friendships with fellow jewelers/stonecutters/diamond sources/you name it. If you know us, you know we are already cooking up some designs for these stones and absolutely cannot wait to share them with all of you!! Tucson, we’ll miss you…and now, back to the jewelers bench!


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