Gift giving is one of life's simple pleasures.

Witnessing your loved one feel known and valued when they open a thoughtful gift, and understanding the importance of celebrating moments, whether big or small – it’s good for the soul.

Then why is gifting so dang stressful?? If you have ever gone into panic mode when the holidays are approaching or when you get a calendar notification that a family member’s birthday is next week, you’re not alone. Wanting to celebrate your people well, but not having the time to source a gift they’ll love is an age-old problem, but it doesn’t have to be! 

As someone who loves gift-giving, I want special occasions to be times of celebration, not stress.

I want my clients to feel really taken care of, and for their people to feel spoiled. Mary Frances Maker Concierge Program does just that. 

The concierge service is a game-changer, life-saver, totally “have your back” for any occasion style service. We take care of every single detail, completely taking the stress of gift giving off of your plate. Each piece we make for concierge clients is truly unique and custom to their taste, so you never have to worry about gifting something they already have or that all of their friends have. 


  • Complete a Survey

    We’ll ask you to fill out a brief survey to get to know you and your taste. This includes keeping a card on file so you’ll never have to remember to pay an invoice.

  • Get Excited

    We take care of the rest — every single detail. Gifts arrive in a timely manner, wrapped and with a blank gift note, ready to delight.

  • Keep in Touch

    We keep concierge clients top of mind year-round as we brainstorm new ideas, watch trends, and source new stones. We always have an ear out for what they like and what is missing from their jewelry box.