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Birch Cuff

Birch Cuff

cast from our signature birch

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Introducing our Birch Cuff, a statement piece perfect for any occasion. Made from solid 14k yellow gold and cast from real birch bark, its unique texture is sure to make you stand out. Its malleability allows for a comfortable fit on most wrist sizes. It truly is an heirloom in the making!

Cuff measures approximately 42mm wide. It does have some flexibility for versatility in sizing. 5.75" around from edge to edge; 0.25" gap to slide onto wrist.


First, we hand-cut pieces of birch bark in our GA studio. We then coat the birch in a thin wax. The wax is cast into solid 14k yellow gold using the lost wax casting method and hammered into shape.

The lost wax casting method is a process where wax models are created and put into a vat of investment. The best way to explain investment is to akin it to concrete; both begin as a powder, water is added so is takes the form of a liquid. After some time, the liquid hardens, and in speaking about investment, the hardened investment hardens around the wax model. The wax-in-investment vat is put into an oven where the wax is melted out, and a cavity in the shape of the model remains. Molten metal is poured into the cavity, and your jewelry comes out! A quick quench, cleaning, and polish, and it's ready to love and wear for generations.

Want to use your own stones or customize this piece further? Click here to book a complimentary custom consultation call.

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Signature Birch Collection pieces are kept in stock and will ship within 2-3 days of order placement. What we have in stock is what we have in stock; we will not be reordering before the holiday season and will likely discontinue this product as-is by the end of 2023. If you love the Birch Collection pieces, now's the time to stock up!

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