10 Diamonds for 10 Years of Business

Fine jewelry stands the test of time…the crazy cool thought is how it does so much, living beyond the wearer. It carries a life of its own, naturally holding and telling the stories, successes and journeys of whomever created, purchased and/or wore the piece. 

What made this piece even more special was making it for a fellow female entrepreneur. When Mary Frances and G first met, they bounced ideas back and forth. Both knowing how to take an idea from nothing and turn it into something, this was a joy and a challenge (a good one). The inspiration was her personal journey, the successes and valleys, and to encapsulate it all into one piece. How can you put the rollercoaster of owning a business (not to mention all the life that happens simultaneously) into one custom piece of jewelry?! Mary Frances and G landed on ten diamonds for her 10 years in business, all set into a playful, bezel cuff *sourcing 10 diamonds... challenge accepted*. Everything about the final piece represented this client’s story and celebrations, exceeding all expectations!

“When I opened the box, I gasped! Tears in my eyes and all! I can’t thank you enough…I am speechless!! Thank you thank you!”


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