Round Up: Disc Necklaces

You know the old truth, “no diamond is the same” (which is true btw!!). Well, no pendant has to be either! Disc pendants give you a blank drawing board to empower you to create what you want, to tell your story through stones, numbers, engravings, etc. Take a peek at a few pendants we've created - you will be able to see what you like, and maybe what you don’t like (and don’t worry, not offended over here!). scattered_disk_pendants_sapphires

Multiple pendants on one chain consisting of diamonds and sapphires! A stunning variation of color, shape and setting options
Oval rubies for a variety in shape and color side by side with a diamond cluster pendant. Both burnish set pendants can independently come on and off the bail, attaching them to the chain. The smaller disc is more symmetrical while the larger is truly scattered
Small pendant: .5in (12.7mm)
Larger pendant: 1in (25.4mm)
An imperfectly perfect 24 mm disc with texture shining from the wax work, a mix of bezel settings as well as a play of shapes. Disc made larger to fit more stones.

As a designer, so many details and questions come to mind with this design. The size of the stones, how many stones, diamonds/gemstones or both, burnish set or bezel set, centered or randomly scattered, bail or attached, the list goes on. These are all options I can present but the ultimate decision maker… is you! The color of any gemstone can be chosen to represent a month, the number of stones can represent years or family members, etc. 


Individual scatter disc added to bail with an accented bezel set emerald. Larger diamonds are bezel set while the smaller diamonds are burnish set into the disc. A beautiful variation of color, texture and heights!


Not exactly a scatter disc but let's say a more symmetrical disc with the added diamonds on the scallops of this brushed gold oval pendant. A great piece by itself or with added pendants to compliment it.

Our custom pieces, like these scattered pendants, are meant to excite you and allow you to start taking control over your collection! 

An extra eye-catching disc set with non-round sapphires on a round disc. The small diamonds set into the bail sets it apart!
Dainty everyday pendants that can slide on and off of this client's chain. Burnish set small diamonds and a stand alone bezel ruby. Disc is around 14mm in diameter.
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