Behind the Scenes: Spaced Eternity Ring

We want to take you on a *Behind the Scenes* look at one of our all time favorite creations - the spaced eternity band. Our clients loved it so much that this style is now available around the clock as one of our personalized jewelry pieces!


The first custom spaced eternity ring! 

Custom spaced eternity rings, using clients' diamonds 

You heard that right! What started as a custom design for a client we adore (who became our model for a semi-custom shoot!!) became a design that we ended up making for several more clients after that. We heard our clients speak, so we responded! You can now personalize your very own, without the custom process - just choose from doing all diamonds around the band or diamonds with one colored stone (with the colored stone showing or even keeping the colored stone facing your palm, your own little secret), whatever story you want it to tell.


A custom eternity ring stack using different colored and sized heirloom stones


Our first custom spaced eternity ring stacked with our online, personalized ring, on our custom client!

Stay tuned for more Behind the Scenes stories, allowing me to share with you my favorite MFM personalized jewelry designs and the design process behind each one!


A custom spaced eternity ring with an heirloom marquis ruby and round diamonds 



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