Celebrating MFM Love Stories

Photos by Anne Rhett Photography

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment and celebrate one of our favorite MFM love stories. 

Not only was this my first ever engagement ring, it was for one of my first ever college best friends! Getting to dream up and create the perfect ring with her future husband was so special, and I was just overjoyed to get to play a part in their love story. 

As I had the honor of standing by her side this past October as they exchanged their rings, I got to reflect on the symbolism and meaning behind jewelry. Of course, we all know the significance of wedding bands, but I am a true believer that the same meaning can be found in any piece of jewelry. Our pieces are reminders of those who gave it to us, the promise it symbolizes, the milestone we reached, the challenge we overcame. Jewelry serves as an outward expression of all the sentiments we often carry within ourselves and, because of that, I couldn’t love my job more! 

So as I reflect on my sweet friends’ wedding day, their love, and the ring I created for them, I am reminded that perhaps the greatest love stories are the ones we each carry around our neck, and on our wrists and fingers. That something, someone, a place, time, or whatever it may be, meant enough to you to create something beautiful and keep it close. 

All the best,

Mary Frances


Photos by Anne Rhett Photography 


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