Reimagine Your Jewelry Box: Diamond & Sapphire Bangle Stack

Happy New Year! How is it possibly 2024 already?! Welp, the blog took a wee bit of a hiatus in 2023, but we're back, baby! We worked with so many incredible clients last year (and in all our years prior), and we are thrilled to dive deeper into their - your - stories.

We met with E early in 2023 in our Atlanta studio. Along with her jewelry box full of unworn pieces, she also brought stacks of printed MFM instagram posts - what a treat! We poured through her jewelry and made a plan. I sketched and noted all the pieces we could create from her dusty jewels, and upon final approval, I got to work! We created a handful of gorgeous pieces she planned to gift to family members, and then, we got to focus on the real treat - the pieces she wanted just for herself (because she works damn hard and certainly deserves it!!) 

E had dreamt of an MFM birch bangle stack ever since she saw us posting about them on Instagram months earlier. We used the sapphires from a family bracelet that had been passed down to her along with a few smaller diamonds to create a stunning centerpiece bangle, crafted in wax at MF's workbench. For the other two bangles, we used our signature cast birch - one plain and simple and the other with more diamonds scattered around. All bangles were cast in 14k yellow gold with hinges and box clasps for easy putting on and taking off, though she tells us now that she rarely does take them off! And just like that - a gorgeous, everyday heirloom stack she'll love for years to come (and to think they started as dusty things she never wore)!!


We were so pleased with how E's bangles turned out, and we're thankful she agreed. In her words "Oh my gosh, I love them so much!!" Our desire for you, and all of our clients, is that you absolutely LOVE what you're wearing. Most of us wear our jewelry every single day after all, right? You deserve to love it. And you don't have to be celebrating something just to receive and wear what you love (nor do you need to wait for someone else to gift it to you!) Some of my most favorite, special things I wear are the pieces I've bought for myself simply because they spoke to me. They're the ones that remind me of my strength and capabilities on the days those qualities feel far away. We're here to help you unlock the magic you can discover right within yourself (with some pretty jewels along the way ;))

We hope this New Year opens up fresh ideas, brings pieces reimagined, and that you are welcomed by the excitement for what’s to come. So, don’t wait! If you're ready to explore your jewelry box & discover its possibilities, let's chat. We're available for a free virtual consultation every day of the week right here.

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