Reimagine Your Jewelry Box: Mix & Match Diamond Pendants

The exciting part about cleaning out your jewelry box, other than going down memory lane (and getting rid of some dust), is getting to reimagine how you’re going to fill it back up. The drawing board is YOURS!

One of our favorite celebration treats is diamonds, especially on a birthday. Birthdays remind you of who you are, how you’ve grown and give you an opportunity to dream about what’s next. Our hilarious and super fun client, Jata’s, birthday was coming up, so she came to us wanting to create something unique for herself from a piece of jewelry that had been sitting unworn in her jewelry box for years. It was a family broach that had been passed down (redesigned from other family member's old jewelry) containing several diamonds, and after going through different ideas, we landed on a cluster of individual pendants.The pendants were designed so she could mix and match with whatever chain(s) she's feeling that day - they could be layered together in different chains, clustered on the same chain, or worn individuality depending on her outfit of the day.

It was such a joy for us to work with Jata in creating a gorgeous stack for herself, one that she had been dreaming about for years. In her words, “They’re here!!!! So beautiful and so much more than I expected. The craftsmanship is unbelievable. You’re such an artist and visionary! Many many many thanks!!!”

We feel the most successful when our clients are that happy. No matter the day, we know Jata can style her pendants and smile. *even long travel days* “Headed for a flight and wanted to look just right. Many thanks again for my very favorite gems!!!” - Jata. 

Again, we’re always here, we’re always dreaming. Join us in the dream you never want to wake up from by booking a free virtual consultation with us right here.
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