Custom 40th Anniversary Pendants

We have been so marked by the continuous business we’ve done with C & R. It’s truly an honor! The next big celebration was their 40th wedding anniversary, so, we knew we wanted to do something spectacular. Something that symbolizes an incredible span of time and to be the best piece Mary Frances had designed and created yet! With it being a 40th wedding anniversary, a ruby was the obvious (& perfect) choice. 

Anniversary gifts by tradition...bc why not:
1st: Gold
5th: Sapphire
10th: Diamond
25th: Silver
30th: Pearl
40th: RUBY
50th: Gold
At this point…we’re at the rare, see it in a movie type of love~

Having learned more about rubies in Tucson at a seminar with the CCO of Greenland Ruby and founder of the Pink Polar Bear Foundation, we knew we wanted to use a ruby from this source. We had the privilege of meeting and speaking with her about her small yet fiercely growing brand! The ruby we sourced was gorgeous and didn’t need much to attract attention. BUT to make it that extra special, best ever piece, Mary Frances set it in a chunky bezel with teeny diamonds all around - setting it in a frame of subtle sparkle! It was simply perfect. Exactly what Mary Frances, and the couple, had envisioned for their big celebration. 

With their anniversary also falling on Mother’s Day, we suggested the wavy disc to layer with the ruby pendant on a 20” thin rope chain. We can’t express how fortunate we feel to be able to work with clients that trust us to design and deliver sentimental legacy pieces that will last beyond a lifetime. 

Well, you certainly knocked it out of the park with both necklaces. Truly, the ruby one is unbelievable.”










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