Wear Your Story: Stacking 3 Baguette Rings

One creative project can become several beautiful results. A great example…S’s unique baguette ring stack with a sentimental stone layout. S was fully trusting in Mary Frances’s design mind to create a special look of 3 rings to represent her three kiddos, but with five stones each to represent their family of five. 

Birthstones used: Aquamarine, Diamond and Rubylucky duck!

This is how each baguette ring layout ended up: 

Ring 1: Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, AQUAMARINE (represents the youngest child born in March)

Ring 2: Diamond, Diamond, Diamond, RUBY, Diamond (represents the middle child born in July)

Ring 3: Aquamarine, Aquamarine, DIAMOND, Aquamarine, Aquamarine (represents the oldest child born in April) 

Mary Frances chose this for both visual interest and so that they can be mismatched on different fingers! Each different birthstone is placed in the birth order of each child.

Mock-up of the ring stack

Five stones, five family members. Three rings, three children. Significance is within each step of this fun creation! And the cherry on top…each child will get a ring. Who knows…maybe more stones will be added in the future!?

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