Custom Stories: Ellen's Amethyst Ring


Over a year and a half ago, Ellen shared a beautiful amethyst stone with me. Her mom had gathered it on her travels and given it to Ellen (it’s her birthstone)! She’d been dreaming of a wide cigar-band style ring for the stone and loved our Birch Wide Ring in 14k. Well, because Ellen is one of my best friends and a fellow creative, I decided to be the worst friend ever and take my sweet time with this project 😂 Kidding, kind of. We went through so many iterations of the design before finally finding the right fit. She wanted the stone to flow seamlessly into the band - a statement but nothing with any height. I enlisted the help of a fellow North Carolina stone cutter to shave down our beautiful amethyst until it was only 2mm thick. We went from a mama jama of an emerald-cut amethyst to a sweet little slice. While we lost a bit of color and depth, we gained the perfect size stone to fit the desired ring style. The setting sits down a little under the band so the stone could be flush with the band yet still comfortable to wear despite its large-ish size.










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