Custom Wedding Jewelry: For the Maid of Honor

There are few days more special or filled with greater sentiment than your wedding day. As a lover of stories and someone who deeply values family, getting to create pieces for weddings has quickly become one of my favorite parts of my job. 

From keeping an engagement ring secret from the future bride, to seeing the grooms face when he is gifted cufflinks that make him feel closer to a loved one, I love every second of creating custom wedding pieces. 

However, this Aries necklace wasn't my ordinary wedding request; it was a gift from the bride to her maid of honor, who happens to be my oldest and dearest friend from childhood. I grew up with these sisters, spending every Fourth of July, summer night, school break, and more with them and their family. Creating this piece was not only a gift to my friend, but a gift to me. It was in creating this necklace, that I relearned the value of gifting.


I make gifts for a living, so the significance of one was not lost on me, but rather I was reminded of the power of intentionality. Often times the maid of honor has put in a ton of behind the scenes work to love on the couple and make sure the bride feels her best on the big day. Seeing a bride go above and beyond by gifting a custom necklace to thank her sister made my job in celebrating their relationship that much sweeter.

Whether you are preparing to celebrate a momentous occasion, or just want to remind someone in your life how known, valued, and loved they are, you can't go wrong with gifting a custom piece of jewelry. 

All my love,

Mary Frances

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