Arched Wedding Band: An Inside Look at the Design Process

Photo by Kara Cavalca Photography Photo by Kara Cavalca Photography 

Stacking an arched wedding band to fit snuggly under this stunning, one of a kind engagement ring may have brought me back to high school math, but it turned out beautifully.

When I received my client's engagement ring, I knew that creating a wedding band to sit flush against its angled edge would be a challenge. Getting these angles perfect meant relearning about Isosceles triangles, the Pythagorean Theorem, and every feature a calculator has to offer. 

After many attempts, my measurements and calculations served me well as this beautifully curved wedding band came together to compliment my client's engagement ring. 

I'm letting this project serve as a reminder to us all that the design process of custom pieces is truly one of a kind, and that you should always pay attention in school because you never know what you'll need to remember down the road.


All my love,

Mary Frances

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