History Class in Session: Cigar Band Rings

Birch Cigar Band

Have you ever really asked yourself how the term “cigar” made its way from a men’s end of day delight to someone’s finger? We found ourselves amazed by the term’s effortless ability to carry so much meaning whether on the back porch or in a fine jewelry boutique. Over the years there have been many twists with what cigar band rings symbolized but we can’t let it go unnoticed that although they can continue to evolve, they never go out of style. Let’s take this story back to the 19th century, the origin story. 

Birch Cigar Band with Diamonds

 Cigar Band Ring with Lavender Sapphire

Cigar bands were initially promotional items for cigar manufacturers. Shocking right! The material was made from paper or thin metal to hold around a cigar as placeholders for the brand and logo. From here they were an inspiration that then led to becoming rings because of how much people were fascinated by the look. Demand grew and grew, so the concept received makeovers by designers and jewelers who saw the artistic potential in these thin placeholders. Cigar ring bands are the signature piece for a new generation of enthusiasts that not only appreciate history but also contemporary flair. 

Falling Diamond Scatter Cigar Band

Over the years, these pieces have gone through several phases of symbolism. From a simple business idea, to good taste, to wealth and class, etc. they also represent some unchanging factors. Like the circular design that represents an unbroken bond and commitment but in a simple yet opulent fashion. Our own classic spin on a cigar ring is our implementation of birch texture to add even more flair and personality to this style. And we always love to step it up, depending on the day LOL and stack it with a baguette ring or a diamond band that wants a little extra oomph!


Cigar Band with Family Birthstones and Original Engagement Diamond

As classic pieces have become more creative, there are hints of personal love you can give to your cigar band. They truly are canvases for creativity. Starting with easily adding inscriptions. From the exterior, others may know the significance of what you have on (though it will attract their attention regardless), but they may not know the story inscribed on the interior of your band. Some eye-catching embellishments can include colored stones, which at MFM, we like to do…a whole lot. From minimalist bands to bold and decorated creations, there’s a special cigar band ring for everyone wandering for that piece they feel they’re missing! This classic ring, with its history, culture, personal stories, diverse expression, is the dream ring for you!! And the best news, we have some ready to order on our website. No need to look any further! Now you can have your cigar, and your husband (or dad) has his too…everyone is happy!

Cigar Band Ring with an Emerald


Amethyst Cigar Band
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