History: Why is it Called Tennis Bracelet?

Have you ever found yourself admiring a tennis bracelet? Correction. Wanting a tennis bracelet? Join the club! Have you ever wondered why it’s called a tennis bracelet? Allow us to be the source for your newest and flashiest trivia knowledge. 

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What has taken over the market with its undeniable success, was in the early 1900’s known as the eternity bracelet. It wasn’t until the 1970’s where it caught on its renowned name, “The Tennis Bracelet”. A dazzling tennis star of her time, Chris Evert, played the sport in her fashionable tennis outfits and suddenly, that outfit was upgraded to include an “eternity bracelet”. Never were diamonds seen in athletic wear until this. Specifically a dainty, loose-fitting yet classy and chic bracelet. Eyes and ears weren’t completely stuck until the 1978 Open when Evert’s bracelet fell off during the match. The only time you can bet the US Open had to be paused, was to recover the fallen diamond bracelet. Pretty iconic

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Jeweler’s then started advertising eternity bracelets as tennis bracelets and their sales skyrocketed. Of course the piece is beautiful by itself as well as stacked with heavier set or even thin bracelets with it. What made it stand out is the way it became normalized to dress up athleisure with diamonds. 


“No one wore diamonds with sports ensembles before the tennis bracelet” - Tiffany & Co. Spokesperson

Tennis bracelets, once a beautiful unobtainable piece of jewels, have now been made in a variety of materials and stones to provide for a multitude of styles (& price ranges) but the classic tennis bracelet will never be out of style. Now we will continue our day imagining having the claim to fame of naming THE tennis bracelet…way to go Chris Evert *heart eyes*

Now we know your curiosity doesn't stop there. "How can I get one?" is probably in the mix. The classic tennis bracelet is, of course, a showstopper, but have you ever considered one made out of your own loose diamonds (or colored stones?). Maybe you already have the pieces you just need the base, or even some inspiration on how and where to get started. We got you! We'll Ace it, we swear ;)

Maybe you love the idea but want something a bit different - like an MFM style tennis bracelet? A similar concept but mixed with our style! 

Game..Set..Match..Let's get started!! 

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